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Dax Shepard Does Surgery On Himself

Dax Shepard Does Surgery On Himself

This period of social distancing is making everyone do crazy things. And also making us realize that we depend on other people for skills we might possess. But sometimes, we just have to take matters into our own hands. And that’s what Dax Shepard ended up doing.

So while Dax Shepard was in quarantine, he decided to remove the pin from his broken arm himself. We’re not sure how exactly the actor broke his hand but we know he’s not afraid to repair it himself. And of course, wife Kristen Bell decided to capture the moment on video. She posted it on Instagram with the caption, “We’re on day “I can do my own surgery” of quarantine.”

Dax Shepard doing surgery

We can see Dax talking to his doctor on the phone in the short clip. He then starts the “procedure” of removing the pin which takes about 3 seconds. He takes it out while updating his doctor about the progress and the fact that there is no blood anywhere.


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We’re on day “I can do my own surgery” of quarentine. @daxshepard

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“I’m coming for your job, doctor. I’m gonna add pin removal to my resume now,” Dax said to his doctor.

He also revealed he’s been communicating with his doctor a lot lately and joked that he could practically be a doctor himself. Also calling himself the “worst patient” his doctor’s ever had.

The two actors’ kids could be heard in the background asking their mother if there’s blood on the pin. She quickly assured them there’s no blood.

The family is finally together after Kristen Bell had revealed on social media that Dax was social distancing at another location since he had been traveling. It was important for him to stay away especially cause they have young children. And now the family is finally back together after making sure Dax didn’t have any of the Coronavirus symptoms and waited out the 2 week period.