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David Dobrik Wins at Kids’ Choice Awards 2019

The popular star David Dobrik won at the Kids' Choice Awards in the Social Media Star category and the internet just can't handle it.

T he popular YouTuber David Dobrik just won at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Although nobody can challenge his victory because it was expected, Dobrik himself is quite surprised. In fact, the vlogger is unable to contain his excitement. But he is paying a tribute to his friend and hero Josh Peck as he writes up a post opening up about his win at the Nickelodeon Award Show.

David Dobrik Thanks Josh Peck For Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

YouTuber David Dobrik took to Instagram to share his victory at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. But at this moment, he decided to share a sweet snap with his friend Josh Peck whom he thanked for his victory. In fact, he even chose a picture of the duo wrapped in a tight hug to go with his post.

Dobrik wrote in the caption that he won a Kids’ Choice Award. The Vlog Squad leader expressed gratitude for his victory, particularly to Josh Peck for presenting the special award to him. The YouTuber is overjoyed at the award because he definitely loves his job!

Sending love to everyone, Dobrik is grateful for everyone who keep him motivated during his YouTube journey.

Josh Peck also took to Instagram to upload a picture with David Dobrik as the two beam for the camera. He added in the caption that he was proud of his friend.

Well, in the comments section, fans of the vlog squad have been reminding Dobrik how he once tried to take Peck’s Kids Choice Award. And surely, the man has come a long way!

David Dobrik is a famous YouTuber prominent as the leader of the vlog squad. Apparently, Dobrik recently had some issues with Trisha Paytas as she called him a horrible in a now deleted video. But by the looks of it, things are going pretty well for David.

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