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David Dobrik Joins Twitch in a spectacular way

We have already established that David Dobrik is probably the most generous YouTuber out there. A part of the Vlog Squad, he is truly a joy to know. His success via his daily vlogs and now his own TV show on Discovery makes only reinstates just how passionate he is. And although he has stopped making his daily vlogs, his presence on other social media platforms remain consistent. Recently, David Dobrik, the former partner of Liza Koshy joined Twitch and he has joined it with his usual generous flair!

David Dobrik takes his generosity to Twitch – a $1000 giveaway every time he wins.

He is playing Call of Duty: Warzone with his friends and while his first stream was viewed by 45000 people, we can only imagine the number rising. So the premise of his Twitch streams is that he plays with his friends and other online gamers. When he wins a match, he does a $1000 giveaway. The Dodgeball Thunderdome host pulled off some sweet wins in his first stream too. He then screenshots the chat of streamers on the platform at the time. With that, he started to Paypal the members who had commented at the time of his win. David Dobrik’s Twitch account is quickly gaining attention as 4 days into his first stream, he has 383k subscribers already.

It would be remarkable to note here that this giveaway was not in partnership with any companies like his usual. David gave it all out of his own bank account. That is a really spectacularly generous giveaway.

Meanwhile, he has not yet disclosed when he will be returning to his regular content on YouTube which is on hold due to the 2020 global health crisis. However, fans seem happy enough with David Dobrik on Twitch streaming video games. It seems like he is there to stay.

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