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David Dobrik Surprises Jason Nash With A $75000 Dream Car

David Dobrik and Jason Nash have been closest friends from a couple of years. The vlog squad is famous for their pranks and creativity. They all have been together in the ups and downs and still sticking together, supporting each other. Dobrik also pulled a prank of marrying Jason Nash’s mother Lorraine Nash which ultimately made him Nash’s stepfather. Now, after the divorce news spreading all over the internet, Dobrik has gifted Jason Nash his dream car to get his mind off the divorce.

David Dobrik Surprises Jason Nash with a $75000 Tesla Car

David Dobrik is known for his surprise gifts to all his close friends. He has paid off college loans, gave cash for a friend’s marriage and gifted dream cars to his buddies excluding Jason Nash. Which was a surprising thing since he is claimed to be the closest one to David Dobrik. Even Jason Nash said that he has been waiting for this moment from last 3 years. Every time Dobrik bought a car and planned a surprise reveal for one of his friends, Jason Nash was right there with him planning the execution. Fortunately, his wait was worth it. David Dobrik bought Nash’s dream car Tesla and arrived at his 4th-of-July family vacation spot to surprise him. The car is assumed to cost around $75000 or more.

The Sponsor Behind David Dobrik’s Surprises

SeatGeek is a ticket search engine which enables you to find tickets to live entertainment in the easiest way possible. Almost all of the dream cars gifted to Dobrik’s friends were sponsored by SeatGeek. It also offers a $20 discount on first order using David Dobrik’s code.

Jason Nash Is Having Best Time Of His Life

Jason Nash has claimed that he is having the best time of his life considering last 2 years (Ouch!). He spent his 4th-of-July vacations with ex-wife, mother and kids. David Dobrik surprised him with his dream car Tesla. The vlog squad has not lost any subscribers and they are still going strong. Apparently, all of this is an indirect message to Trisha Paytas that Nash has moved on with his life and he is happy.

On the other hand, Trisha Paytas called him a cheater. And she is still posting about him whenever she gets a chance.

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