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"David Dobrik takes things too far", shocking details emerge in Jeff Wittek's docuseries 2nd episode

“David Dobrik takes things too far”, shocking details emerge in Jeff Wittek’s docuseries 2nd episode

Jeff Wittek, the famous YouTuber/barber, is coming clean about his injuries as well as his life. Last year when the world got hit with the pandemic, David Dobrik stopped shooting for his vlogs. While the other vlog squad members returned to uploading their vlogs, David continued with his break. Fans noticed Jeff Wittek’s very-visible face injuries in his Jeff’s Barbershop vlogs. When asked, he did not tell the real story behind it. However, after the recent Vlog Squad drama involving Durte Dom, Jeff Wittek announced that he would be telling his truth soon in a YouTube docuseries “don’t try this at home”.

Jeff Wittek and his docuseries

After Durte Dom’s scandal, David Dobrik and Jeff Wittek were the 2 vlog squad members that uploaded 2 apologies on YouTube. The first apology/accountability videos received backlash from the fans. And that led to them sharing their unedited accountability videos. While David committed to take a break from social media and contact all the people he has hurt, Jeff committed to educate himself and find the courage to come out with his truth.

Some of the fans were already assuming that Jeff’s injuries were caused by David Dobrik and his famous stunts. They were anxiously waiting for Jeff Wittek to share his story so that the fans can verify if it was his own fault or David’s fault. Jeff kept calling it his biggest mistake ever, and the fans were not ready for Jeff to take the “fall” for someone else.

Jeff Wittek teased about his upcoming docuseries during IMPAULSIVE podcast. The next day, he released the teaser of his upcoming documentary.

David Dobrik could have prevented what happened?

After his second apology video, it became obvious that Jeff Wittek would be running his life his way now. The vlog squad members allegedly follow every demand David Dobrik makes. And fans have started believing it, after watching the released 2 episodes of Jeff Wittek’s documentary.

Jeff Wittek, Toddy Smith and Natalie Noel were preparing for the “big return” of David Dobrik’s vlogs last year, after 3 months of break from YouTube. David wanted it to be something “huge” and therefore, he had a list of stunts. These stunts were to be performed by his Squad members, mostly by Jeff Wittek and Toddy Smith. As the documentary shows, Natalie Noel joined the duo after David promised her she would not have to work for him for a whole week.

The 2nd episode highlights how scared Jeff Wittek was of heights, and the first stunt was Skydiving. All three of them took a 2.5 hour class on skydiving, and then they were guided by the professionals. In a couple of days, they were flying solo. The three of them were supposed to skydive 25 times performing different stunts asked by David Dobrik.

How Jeff Wittek broke his face?

While watching the second episode of Don’t Try This At Home, my guess, like everyone else, was that Jeff Wittek had the injury due to skydiving. But turned out it was something else entirely. David Dobrik had an excavator in the water that was 1 foot deep only. Almost all the vlog squad members were there to join the stunts and continue with the “epic” vlog.

Toddy Smith wake-surfed for hours, but it was more of a fun shot rather than a funny shot. David Dobrik was driving the excavator. After Todd, Corinna Kopf tried the rope-surfing thing, and she ended up yelling at David when the rope started getting lose and David was not letting her go:

You take things too far.

Next, even after seeing what Corinna went through, Jeff Wittek tried the same thing. He stated that he got hit with overconfidence after skydiving for 20 times. The water was not deep so he took a chance with the swing over a 1 foot deep lake. And Jeff calls it his biggest mistake.

I forgot that the biggest f*cking idiot I know [David], is driving it.

The scenes were cut off at the end and they did not show how Jeff fell in the water. However, connecting the dots of what we see, Jeff might have hit the excavator and fell in the water. The 2nd episode of the documentary ends with the teaser of the 3rd where David Dobrik, Natalie Noel, Jason Nash and Toddy Smith tell about Jeff’s injured face after the fall.

Fans react

After watching the latest episode by Jeff Wittek, David Dobrik started trending on Twitter. The main reason behind it is the ending scene of the episode, where it was shown that David’s “fun” made Jeff fall.

And old video clip of Trisha Paytas also went viral after the latest episode. This video was recorded by Trisha after her breakup with Jason Nash, where she predicted that something really bad was going to happen in Vlog squad, or someone might even die.

Fans have also reacted against David Dobrik in Jeff Wittek’s YouTube comments section.

fans react Jeff Wittek

Since David Dobrik is a part of the docuseries, it can be assumed that Jeff Wittek forgave him and did not take any action. But the truth will come out in the coming episodes.

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