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David Dobrik’s second apology video addresses Trisha Paytas & victim of sexual assault incident

After the recent sexual assault allegations against his associate, David Dobrik is back with another apology. He uploaded his first apology video on his podcast YouTube channel. And that channel does not get much views or subscribers. Trisha Paytas, Ethan Klein and many others called him out for turning off the comments and following a scripted apology. This time, David Dobrik uploaded his second apology video, making sure that the comments stay ON and he addresses all of the Vlog Squad victims, including Trisha Paytas and Hannah (sexual assault victim).

A brief history

David Dobrik started off his 2nd apology video as a regular video. It was not a part of his vlogs, and hence, there was no vlog number. He also confirmed that it was 1:45 in the morning, and he was finally by himself. David expressed that this might be a normal for many people, however, he had people around him during the last week. Everyone was telling him what to do, giving him pieces of advice to follow in the current situation.

David Dobrik’s association with Durte Dom goes way back. As confirmed by Dom himself, they were school friends. In 2018, David shot a vlog with his Vlog squad where Durte Dom confirmed that he had invited 5 girls for a five-some. There were 7 girls who showed up at their apartment, and all they knew was that they will be taking a part in a vlog. Things went South when alcohol was involved, without giving a thought about under-legal-age audience. Under the influence of alcohol, one of those 7 girls was allegedly r*ped by Durte Dom. She was too drunk, she could not give consent to Dom to proceed with his advances.

In the vlog, David Dobrik and his friends confirmed that Durte Dom could not have a five-some, so he is having a threesome with two of the girls. Trisha Paytas was present at the time of girls’ arrival as she was dating Jason Nash back then. And her appearance in the vlogs was a normal thing. However, she left after alcohol was brought up for the girls that showed up for the vlog.The vlog was later deleted by David Dobrik when the victim Hannah approached her after a few months. By then, it had already gathered 5 million views.

S*xual assault incident

After 2.5 years, Insider has covered the s*xual assault incident where the victim has confirmed all the details of the incident that happened that day. Insider has used Hannah as her pseudonym, keeping her real identity confidential and respecting her privacy. Before the article was published, Trisha Paytas confirmed in her Frenemies podcast with Ethan Klein that Insider is about to publish something that will change everything for David Dobrik.

After the article, David Dobrik issues an apology, skimming through Seth Francois incident. The apology was not accepted by Seth, and his fans since they were not expecting him to skip the s*xual assault incident. Now, he has made another apology video.

David Dobrik apologizes to the victim

David Dobrik is not someone who dresses controversies, scandals and issues directly. He has been running his YouTube channel successfully from many years. However, he stopped making vlogs during 2020 due to the pandemic situation. And now, after the recent situation, he is losing subscribers as well as sponsors. That has made David Dobrik to upload another apology video, this time a detailed and serious one.

He started off his apology video by addressing the previous apology video:

I’ve put myself in a lot of situations where I needed to apologize for my past actions. And I’ve never done this correctly. And I’ve never done this respectfully. My last video is a testament to that. I don’t want to defend that video, I don’t want to delete that video. I just want to be clear.

David Dobrik further added that his latest apology video is not about discrediting Trisha Paytas, Kat (reporter for Insider who covered the story) or any other woman involved.

I want to start this video off by saying I fully believe the woman who came out against Dom. And said she was s*xually assaulted by him.

As it was reported, David Dobrik got the consent next day to post the video. Hannah told Insider that she was still under the influence of alcohol next day when she gave the consent. Now, David Dobrik confirmed he repents posting that vlog even though he had the consent back then.

I should have never posted it and what I understand now and I didn’t understand it before is that she sent that text because she felt like she had to. Not because she wanted to. And that’s f*cked up. And I’m sorry.

A long-awaited apology by David Dobrik done right?

David Dobrik apologized to Hannah and her friends for enabling whatever happened that day, and later posting it on his YouTube channel. He now realizes that “shock for views” moto was not always right. And by doing so, he was creating an unfair power dynamic. He also realized that he should have been there and should have taken the full responsibility that everyone involved was taken care off.

David Dobrik also apologized to all other victims that came forward with s*xual assault allegations against Durte Dom. He confessed that he believed Dom’s word instead of believing the victims.

I couldn’t wrap my head around a childhood friend of mine doing this to people and actually hurting people. And I’m sorry for that. Not just I platformed Dom. But I also platformed the subject of s*x in a negative way. Where I made jokes about it. And I reinforced that kind of behavior.

David Dobrik further confirmed that he stopped making vlogs with Durte Dom (Dominykas Zeglaitis) in 2019 and took the control of power dynamic. However, what he didn’t do was go back to the women and apologize. He moved on, but he didn’t apologize. At this point, David Dobrik had tears in his eyes and he cut the video to control himself.

Social media break

Moving on from that, David Dobrik apologized to everyone he has hurt, and everyone who is ashamed of him including his family and friends. He is holding himself accountable and he confirmed that it will not happen again. In fact, David Dobrik confirmed that he is taking a social media break to form an infrastructure for his content. He will be forming a check and balance team, HR, and he’ll have a way where people can come forward if they are not comfortable.

He has also deleted some videos from his main channel, removing the disturbing content from the past. For now, he will try to make things right by contacting the people he has hurt in the past. And if someone wants to approach him, he will keep himself available.

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