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David Dobrik returns to YouTube with his vlogs after controversies

Looks like even after being involved in multiple controversies, David Dobrik is coming back to YouTube. The social media star with millions of subscribers of YouTube was recently spotted in Hawaii. After being spotted, Dobrik uploaded a vlog after months of no content.

What went down with David Dobrik?

David Dobrik was one of the most popular YouTubers once. He used to give free Teslas to people. Then many people came forward and accused two of his team members of sexual assault, Jason Nash and Seth Francois. The first person to make this claim was Seth Francois. This happened while David was shooting for one of his vlogs. David’s friend Jason Nash kissed Seth while he was blindfolded. Seth thought it was Corinna Kopf but it wasn’t. And this isn’t something that Seth consented to. Many other people including BigNik also came forward and shared that they were “bullied” by the group.

The most serious accusations was by one of the Vlog squad’s members extras. She told Insider that she was raped while under the influence of alcohol by Durte Dom. Durte denied the claim and didn’t address it properly. David himself made two apology videos addressing the situation. He made the second videos after her lost a lot of sponsorship deals.

Many people also lost their faith in Dobrik after Jeff Wittek released his documentary showing how he was injured during David’s vlogs. People called out David Dobrik for prioritizing views over the safety of his friends. But Wittek showed in the documentary how he made up with Dobrik and now the two are on good terms.

Corinna Kopf hinted that David might be back

A few weeks ago, Corinna Kopf hinted in her podcast that David Dobrik might be coming back to YouTube real soon. It came as a surprise since many people thought Dobrik would be taking a longer break.

Corinna said:

Maybe, in June, we’ll see. If I do a podcast, it’ll be David’s.

A while ago Corinna also did an interview in which she said that David is doing good despite the allegations and might come back to YouTube real soon.

David Dobrik returns to YouTube

A few weeks ago, a source said that David Dobrik and his team would be heading to Hawaii to film some comeback videos, and looks like that time has come. A fan spotted Dobrik in Hawaii recently. A picture surfaced on Instagram confirming that David is in Maui County. It seems like the rumors were true since Dobrik posted a YouTube video on his channel called ‘Surprising My Friends’.

David Dobrik

It was a trip to Hawaii. The four minute and twenty second vlog was as haphazardly shot as David’s vlogs usually are. The main highlights were that Corinna Kopf was discussing her OnlyF*ns earnings and revealed she made a little over a million over 48 hours. Moreover, she got a new car.

Plus, we see that Jeff Wittek is now on good terms with David Dobrik after they had a brief falling out when Dobrik made him do a life threatening excavator stunt for his vlogs. In the new vlog, Wittek jokes:

“Okay, call of the lawsuit. He’s doing something for us.”

We also saw returning vlog squad members Corinna Kopf, Jonah, Toddy Smith, Zane Hijazi, Jason Nash, Natalie Noel and Scotty Sire among others.

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