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David Dobrik is plotting a return to YouTube in early 2022?

Apparently, the disgraced YouTuber isn’t ready to quit the YouTube game just yet. Even though he was involved in multiple controversies surrounding his Vlog Squad, Dobrik is still planning a big return on YouTube. There are sources reporting that David Dobrik is planning his epic return.

The sudden downfall of David Dobrik’s empire

There was a time when the most popular YouTuber was David Dobrik. He used to make millions of people laugh with his carefully constructed vlogs, give out free Teslas and feature big celebrity guests on his channel. Then controversy after controversy brought doubt to Dobrik’s nice-guy image.

It all started when Seth Francois claimed that he was a victim of sexual assault during David Dobrik’s vlogs. Dobrik’s best friend Jason Nash kissed Francois while he was blindfolded. Francois thought it was going to be Corinna Kopf but it turned out to be Nash, which wasn’t something he consented to.

Later on, BigNik also added that he left the Vlog Squad group because he was constantly bullied during his time there. Moreover, Francois also said that he had to hear some pretty racist remarks during his Vlog Squad time.

Then a big accusation brought the whole group down: Durte Dom’s rape allegation. One of the vlog squad’s extra shared with Insider that she was raped while under the influence of alcohol by Durte Dom. A claim that Dom later denied and didn’t properly address. Dobrik himself made two apology videos addressing the situation. The second one was made after he lost multiple sponsors and brand deals. He said he was taking a hiatus from social media and going to use the time to reflect on his mistakes. He apologized to all the victims and those he hurt and vowed to do better.

The other vlog squad members also responded to the situation. Jeff Wittek denied his involvement and says that he didn’t know about the sexual assault incident. He did later add that Dobrik knew about the text Durte Dom’s victim sent to him explaining how she was raped. But Dobrik didn’t tell the others about it.

Other members such as Natalie Noel, Toddy Smith, Carly and Erinn all called the sexual assault incident as something they don’t condone. They all also claimed they didn’t know it happened until the Inside article came out.

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How Dobrik out Jeff Wittek’s life in danger and how the two sorted things out

Then another incident further added to the ruined image of David Dobrik was when he put his friend and vlog squad member Jeff Wittek in a life threatening situation for views. Wittek explained everything that happened in his documentary and said at one point he thought Dobrik hurt him on purpose. It’s because David Dobrik didn’t immediately reach out to Jeff Wittek when the incident occured. But Dobrik says he just didn’t know how to navigate the complicated situation. Ultimately, Dobrik and Wittek sorted things out, something that we see in episode 4 of the documentary. Dobrik explained:

“Obviously I’ve never been in a situation like this, neither has Jeff, neither have probably any of us. I didn’t know the correct way to go about any of it. Especially Jeff’s such a tough guy, so you don’t know if you have to be there to f**king baby him or if that pisses him off.”

He also explained that he would never do this to Wittek on purpose:

“I want to be clear, obviously I didn’t do it on purpose. The last thing I wanted was to f**king launch somebody in the water. It was a stupid f**king, It was an accident and its one of the worst kinds of accidents.”

Wittek made Dobrik skydive with him in order to experience what he went through during his accident.

“I don’t want a f**king car, I don’t want money, I want you to risk your life, and you not be in control for once.”

After this, the two made up and Jeff Wittek forgave him. While there was immense support for Jeff Wittek, the public is still not ready to fully forgive David Dobrik.

What about David Dobrik’s return?

Dobrik is shooting new content for his vlogs while on a trip to Hawaii as per sources. The comeback is being plotted to occur at the start of 2022. The only source we have so far is from an Instagram insider account deuxmoii. There won’t be new videos right away, but apparently he’s going to get all his remaining friends out to Hawaii and shoot new videos.

This news comes after Corinna Kopf hinted that Dobrik is planning a return to YouTube very soon. She shared that Dobrik might return soon to his VIEWS podcast that he often hosts with Jason Nash.

But another interesting thing happened.

The same insider, deuxmoii, later shared a Story claiming that David Dobrik has cancelled the trip after the news was leaked.

Deuxmoii Davodi Dobrik cancels trip

Update: The return did end up returning to YouTube almost a month later in June. Here’s what fans thought about it.

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