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Latest David Dobrik Movies And TV Shows List

David Dobrik is one of the most famous YouTube celebrities of our time. There are many fans of David Dobrik movies. He has remained a YouTube sensation for quite a long time to the point that he has made friends with celebrities in Hollywood. His success has come entirely through videotaping his daily life, adventures with friends, and making videos about fun and exciting topics on YouTube.

David Movies

He easily gets more than a billion views due to his famous personality. Besides this, David has been involved in serious controversies including a lawsuit and alleged allegations throughout his career which has affected his reputation (quite a lot). Furthermore, he dated another famous YouTuber Liza Koshy and gained a lot of attention. Besides making Youtube videos, David has also done movie and tv shows. We have made a list of the best David Dobrik Movies and Tv Shows for you down below.

Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is a 2019 released action comedy film starring your favorite famous YouTubers including David Dobrik and other celebrities. It is one of the most searched on the list of David Dobrik Movies and Tv Shows. David Dinetz and Dylan Trussell have directed this American surreal movie. Famous social media personalities Jake Paul and Logan Paul have written this film with Dinetz and Trussell. The plot of this movie revolves around Logan Paul who plays a fictionalized character based on his celebrity person. The movie opens with Logan who is talking with his Australian girlfriend, Ariel. They both have never met but it is a pending meeting. Logan has a fear of flying and it initiated when he had done a stunt for his YouTube video with Juanpa Zurita (playing himself).

Logan’s friends tell him about a convention in Sydney called Hashtagacon. The news of this convention sparks a chance for him to meet Ariel, however, the unfortunate fear of the plane will turn this ride into an entertaining and hilarious moment. The cast of this movie includes Chloe Bridges as Jenna, Stephen Guarino as Bruce, Arielle Vandenberg as Clarice, Kevin Heffernan as Gary, Lynn York as Ariel, and others. Lele Pons, David Dobrik, Amanda Cerny, Nick Bateman, and others have played themselves. Andrew Alter and Jeff Levin are the producers. It is one of the most recognized David Dobrik Movies.


This is another fun movie on the list of David Dobrik Movies. The director Jason Nash has directed this comedy film ‘FML’. Although it did not get much recognition, it still served the purpose of fun and entertainment. The plot of this movie is around an amusing trip taken by famous people who have decided to go on a cross-country trip. While on this trip, they will film their most fun, problematic moments and misadventures that will make bring out the best possible entertainment for the viewers.

There is a forty-year-old stand-up comedian Sam played by Jason Nash who wants one million followers to save his marriage. To get that, he needs content. So, social media star Henry and Sam’s best friend will collaborate and make videos with social media influencers. FML is written by Jason Nash and Dana Schmalenberg. The cast of this movie includes Jann Karam as Chiqui, Manon Mathews as Melissa Dinkers, Hannah Pilkes as Rachael, David Dobrik as Taylor Mackey, Uldouz Wallace as Brianna, Greg Perrow as Aaron Prady, Ben Solenberger as Swaggs Friend and many others.

Under the Influence

Dobrik has gotten into multiple controversies throughout his career that has affected his mental health and reputation. It has gotten him a late of hatred which to some extent was expected. He has also attempted to make famous apology videos that come after you get involved in the notorious cancel culture. Mark Monroe is the writer of this film and Casy Neistat is the director.

Discovering David Dobrik

This is a tv show based on the traveling life of the famous YouTuber, David Dobrik. It is also the most searched David Dobrik Tv Show. Dobrik signed with Discovery channel a deal in 2021. It is a ten-episode travel series. The series will not only bring forward insight into Dobrik’s life but also into the member of his vlog squad.

I’m thrilled to bring more of David Dobrik’s special brand of fun and adventure to discovery+ with this epic new event series. Most recently this summer, Sharkbait with David Dobrik was enjoyed and streamed by many and we are excited to follow this next big chapter in David’s life.

Sharkbait With David Dobrik

‘Sharkbait with David Dobrik’ is a 2021 TV Special show. The plot of this show revolves around YouTube sensation David Dobrik. In this show, he takes himself on an entertaining adventure of shark diving. He has taken his friends along but would it be worth it? The show shows the difficulties David Dobrik and his friends will face including bad weather and huge sharks all around them.

The show is full of horror, comedy, suspense, and entertainment. It also gives insight into David Dobrik’s fun life. Along with David, you will also see Nick Antonyan and Suzy Antonyan often. This is one of the most fun and entertaining shows on the list of David Dobrik Movies and Tv Shows.

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