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David Dobrik is Jason Nash’s Stepdad Now

With an amazing turn of events, David Dobrik ended up marrying Jason Nash’s mother Lorraine Nash. Which obviously makes him Nash’s stepdad now. A 22-Years old is officially a stepdad of a 45-Years old. If Trisha Paytas was still dating Jason Nash then this would have definitely made Dobrik as her stepfather-in-law. However, she hated her could-have-been-stepfather-in-law’s pranks. The break up was still in the books for them.

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What Happened Between David Dobrik And Jason Nash?

During a car ride, David Dobrik and Jason Nash were busy with the usual bickering when the topic of Nash’s ex-wife and her new boyfriend became the topic of discussion. Since David Dobrik was never married, Jason Nash joked about it and Dobrik took it as a challenge. He decided to surprise Nash by marrying his mother Lorraine Nash.

Why Lorraine Nash Said Yes To David Dobrik?

Following his plan, Dobrik arrived at Lorraine Nash’s residence and proposed to her. He also informed her of his plans and the honeymoon details. Who would say no to a complete wedding package like that. Dobrik as the groom, wedding in Vegas and Honeymoon inn Hawaii. Meanwhile, teaching your son a lesson and having some fun at the same time feels like the best win-win situation.

Jason Nash & Twitter Reacting To The Wedding

David Dobrik finally breaks the news to Jason Nash and how he reacted? He just laughed and clapped and welcomed him to the family. Their friends looked more surprised as compared to Nash’s reaction to his mother’s wedding.

Scripted Much…? No idea. However, some of Dobrik’s followers had interesting reactions on Twitter.

Trisha Paytas Reacts To The News?

After releasing her latest song Chicken Parmesan and Heartbreak, Trisha Paytas has been off from her YouTube channel from last 2 days. She has not directly addressed or reacted to the news, however, she has shared an update that her house is haunted. Paytas has been hearing sounds from last 3 days and she has two witnesses as well.

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