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David Dobrik Files For Divorce from Jason Nash’s Mother

David Dobrik is getting a divorce from Lorraine Nash after being married for one month to his friend Jason Nash's mother.

It seems like some bonds don’t last forever. And David Dobrik’s marriage remains one of those. After being married to his best friend Jason Nash’s mother for one month, Dobrik and Lorraine Nash are legally calling it quits. But even though Dobrik himself announced the marriage and divorce, it appears to be a whole big joke to the audience.

David Dobrik And Lorraine Nash Officially File For Divorce

One month ago, the popular YouTuber spontaneously married the mother of another vlog squad member, Jason Nash. Apparently, his best friend Jason Nash roasted him claiming that he would never get married. So, Dobrik showed up at his house instantly marrying his mother, and automatically becoming his best friend’s step father. He shared his whole marriage story on Twitter for the world to know.

However, looks like they rushed into the whole thing quickly, David Dobrik is getting a divorce from Lorraine Nash. This in in fact truth because there are official divorce documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday.

After a news outlet reported the news, David Dobrik himself announced the split on Twitter. He was heartbroken but this was true. He added that they might have rushed into things too quickly. But he said that’s what happens when two young people fall in love. The YouTuber also asked his fans to respect their privacy at this moment of grief.

While many fans had trouble believing all this, the whole thing might be true. Dobrik uploaded a video of the proposal and the Las Vegas wedding on YouTube. So, just as well, the two are no longer together.