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“David Dobrik is doing good”, Corinna Kopf talks Vlog Squad allegations

The Insider article came out on March 17, 2021. It has been 20 days already, and no case has been filed against Durte Dom [Dominykas Zeglaitis]. Even though a few of Vlog squad members, including David Dobrik, have come forward with their statements/apologies and their acknowledgment of what happened behind the doors as “s*xual assault*. Durte Dom is still silent on the matter, and he has not responded to the allegations. Meanwhile, David Dobrik has taken a break from the social media to “right” the things he has done wrong. Corinna Kopf, one of the squad members, recently talked about his well-being.

Corinna Kopf gives an update on David Dobrik.

Corinna Kopf is one of the OG members of the Vlog Squad. While she does not appear much in their vlogs now, she is still friends with the lot. Recently, The Hollywood Fix shared a video on their YouTube channel where Corinna talked about things that were happening in her life. She confirmed that she was on a vacation recently. And now she is back to work.

While talking about the recent controversy, Corinna Kopf confirmed that she had talked to David Dobrik.

He’s good.

Kopf, 2021.

Corinna also confirmed that she was not with David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad at the time of the filming of that controversial vlog, that was later deleted by David Dobrik at Hannah’s request after 3 months. Answering to a question regarding David Dobrik getting back to posting vlogs any sooner, Corinna Kopf said:

I’m sure. I mean he has not posted anyways in like 10 months. It’s been a while.

Kopf, 2021.

Corinna also stated that if the squad is back to filming vlogs, she will also join them.

One of the victims?

While David Dobrik’s vlogs always portrayed Durte Dom as a s*xual pr*dator, the same vlogs also portrayed Corinna Kopf as a highly s*xual person. In a few of the vlogs from 3-4 years back, David Dobrik used to make “couple vlogs” with Liza Koshy, Durte Dom and Corinna Kopf. They’d make s*xual jokes about each other as well.

While talking to the paparazzi, Corinna Kopf did not discuss anything regarding Durte Dom, her past relationship with him, and the viral clip of Vlog Squad members groping her without consent.

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