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Is David Dobrik Dating Assistant Natalie?

Rumors claim that David Dobrik is dating his assistant Natalie but is there any truth to the story or is he seeing someone else now?

Although we might not see much of the vlog squad now, David Dobrik continues to be a favorite everywhere. The vlogger is no stranger to the perks of YouTube stardom. Mostly it involves hanging out with other celebrities including Kylie and Kendal Jenner who have both appeared on his channel. But there’s more to it- Dobrik’s love life has been a topic of constant interest and speculation. Rumors claimed that he was dating his assistant Natalie who has often appeared in his vlogs. But fans are still on the lookout for anything that might confirm this rumor. Or else reveal somebody else that Dobrik might be seeing.

What’s the Update on David Dobrik’s Relationship Status?

This question remains pretty popular in the comments section of the vlogger’s videos. Fans are continuously searching for clues to confirm whether or not he is dating assistant Natalie. Considering that she appears so often in the videos, it’s quite hard to completely dismiss the possibility. While people think Natalie and David might be secretly dating, some may even speculate that David might get back together with Liza Koshy, his ex-girlfriend.

As for Natalie, apart from being his assistant, she remains a close friend too. Well, that naturally goes since a part of her job involves keeping track of his schedule, fetching him lunch, and taking care of him. But the two go way back. In fact, they knew each other from the start as they grew up together. When Dobrik decided to pursue his career in YouTube, Natalie joined him as his assistant.


While Natalie travels on all his vlog tours with him, David Dobrik has made it pretty clear that the two will remain just friends.

So, does that mean there is hope that Liza and Dobrik will get back together again? Well, that might happen after he divorces Jason Nash’s mom who he just recently married for a video.

David Dobrik is a YouTube star with a total estimated worth of $15 million. David also has a podcast with fellow squad member Jason Nash, has his own merch line, Clickbait, and has a slew of advertising deals.

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