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David Dobrik confronted about filming a s*xual assault, responds with “Come on, man”

Once again, David Dobrik was confronted by a woman and accused him of filming a SA. However, he had no answer and was speechless.

Recently, David Dobrik had to face an awkward situation when he was confronted about the SA controversy. While getting out of a venue, a woman asked him if he had filmed SA. To which, he responded with come on, not now. Previously, he and his assistant, Natalie Mariduena were stopped by a man, asking similar questions. However, he could not give any reasonable answer. For those who don’t know, Vlog Squad came under fire when a woman accused Durte Dom of SA and r**e.

David Dobrik

After the SA allegations came out, David Dobrik apologized multiple times.

In 2018, Vlog Squad filmed a video that featured a few college students and Durte Dom. Apparently, they wanted to film a threesome. However, many people chickened out but Dom continued. Earlier this year, a woman named Hanna accused Dom of SA and r**e. According to her, she was unconscious and under the influence of alcohol. Since then, Vlog Squad and David Dobrik have faced massive backlash. In an apology video, Dobrik said:

“I fully believe the woman that came out against Dom and said she was sexually assaulted by him. I got consent to post the video, but even though I got consent, I should have never posted it. What I understand now… is she sent that text because she felt like she had to, and that’s f**ked up. It was cowardly of me to say in my last apology I ‘missed the mark. because it’s fucking gross, and I’m sorry.”

At the same time, David Dobrik revealed that he would take a break from YouTube and social media.

David Dobrik

In July, Dobrik and his assistant, Natalie, were approached by an angry fans

After he made his comeback on YouTube, David Dobrik still received backlash. A few days later, an angry fan approached him and his assistant, Natalie Mariduena, to answer some burning questions. In the video, the fan is seen saying:

“David, you’re not sick with your return, bro. Who gave the alcohol to the young girls? … Dude, it’s the whole culture you have of taking advantage of drunk people.”

In response to this, David Dobrik said:

“You’re asking a crazy question, like, literally, we don’t know that. This isn’t the time and place to do that.”

Meanwhile, Mariduena said that it was a conspiracy theory and accused the fan of harassing them. Despite that, the fan kept following them. However, Dobrik and Natalie seemed flustered and walked away.

David Dobrik

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Recently, another woman confronted David Dobrik who had no answer to give.

On Twitter, a woman posted a video where she saw David Dobrik leaving a venue. Upon seeing him, she asked:

David, did you film a SA?

To which he said:

Come on, man, not now.

However, the woman did not back down and admitted that she would ask him that. In a tweet, another person shared the video and claimed to be there when it happened. They confirmed that David Dobrik was left speechless and walked away as quick as possible.

It seems that Vlog Squad and Dobrik’s troubles are not over yet. They might be officially canceled.

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