David Dobrik Confesses He Had A Crush On Assistant Natalie

If you are a David Dobrik fan then you must have seen his assistant Natalie Noel. After his break-up with ex-girlfriend Liza Koshy, people have been wondering if he was dating Natalie. Well, Natalie is so pretty that if any Vlog Squad member takes a picture with her, people start shipping that couple. They really want Natalie to hook up with someone, be that Zane Hijazi, Durte Dom, Jeff Wittek or Toddy Smith. Who is it going to be in the end, we do not know that. However, what we do know is David Dobrik just confessed he had a huge crush on Natalie back in the days. Ah, well, Natalie had no clue about it.

David Dobrik’s Crush On Natalie Noel

Delish, a YouTube channel that posts insane food challenges, released a video of David Dobrik’s confessions. They actually recorded their segment “Suck It Up” where the participant has to eat sour candies every time they have a question asked and the answer is yes. Sour candies, sour question, sour confessions, and David Dobrik, I think it is the best combo you’ll ever see on Delish.

So, Delish handed over this question to David Dobrik which he read out loud:

Never have I ever had a crush on Natalie?

And here is what David Dobrik confessed:

Ah damn it. Alright, how do I plead the fifth? Yes, I did I had a crush on Natalie. But I was very young and very stupid. Like, so so dumb. I’ve matured. Thank God she’s not in here. Is she in here?

Facing Natalie After The Big Reveal

Even though Natalie was right there with the Delish team and the cameraman, David Dobrik pretended she is not standing there. However, the act just lasted for a few seconds and he asked Natalie about his age details when they went for a dance.

Freshman year, she asked me to a dance, but I actually had a little bit of a crush on her and I remember, I don’t know, Did I ever tell you this?

Turns out, David Dobrik kept one thing hidden from his very own assistant Natalie, and that was his infatuation with her. So, before spilling his crush details, he called Natalie to come in front of the camera and join him. Natalie was laughing and embarrassed at the same time. However, David Dobrik was more-than-embarrassed at that moment.

I was trying to tell you how pretty you looked in your dress, the day afterwards, but I was so scared of doing it so I never did it. And, I’m so so happy I never did.  It would’ve made things really really really awkward. You would’ve been like, you would’ve thrown up probably on my face.

Here is a throwback picture of them together, from the same dance he was talking about. David Dobrik’s caption says it all. Oh and have you noticed, Natalie Noel still looks the same but David looks like a doppelganger of Justin Bieber.


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