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David Dobrik coming back to YouTube soon? Corinna Kopf gives fans a hint!

As per rumors, David Dobrik is coming back to YouTube. Vlog Squad member Corinna Kopf gives a hint that David might be coming back to YouTube very soon. Dobrik was once one of the famous YouTuber’s of all time and has almost 20 million subscribers. He was basically known for his pranks, top-notch content, full of energy vlogs and cash and Tesla giveaways. YEP, you heard it right. TESLA GIVEAWAYS.

David Dobrik’s comeback

In a recent podcast, Corinna hinted that David Dobrik might be coming back to YouTube real soon. Corinna is also an influencer and Vlog squad member. David left the YouTube world because his group was facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. Durte Dom was accused of raping an extra in one of the vlog squad’s videos. Dom denied these allegations. Dobrik responded by saying he doesn’t condone sexual misconduct and that he’s distanced himself from Dom.

Moreover, Jason Nash was accused of sexually assaulting Seth Francois. Other former members such as BigNik accused the Vlog Squad of being toxic and shared he was mistreated and bullied while in the group. After a while, many sponsors dropped David because of this and he lost thousands of subscribers as well. Dobrik addressed the allegations and made two apology videos and apologized to those who were wronged and vowed to do better. The YouTuber shared that he would return to YouTube but no one could thought it would be this soon. Another incident that made people question David Dobrik was Jeff Wittek’s documentary where he was put in a life threatening situation by Dobrik in order to get good content for his vlogs.

Corinna Kopf is sharing now that he would come to YouTube soon:

Maybe, in June, we’ll see. If I do a podcast, It’ll be David’s.

Corinna once hinted that David would be back a while ago but that interview then got deleted by paparazzi. She claims that David was doing good despite the allegations against him and she was pretty sure that he would make a come back to YouTube soon.

What does Logan Paul has to say about David’s comeback?

Logan Paul was hesitating to talk about David Dobrik’s comeback and tried to avoid talking about it initially. Later on, he did say a few things about this situation but he was wise enough to choose his words carefully. Logan calls David a friend in this video and says that he has gone through the similar experience as his career as an influencer. He further adds that David should take accountability for his actions as well. He also added:

David will come back. He’s got to learn and get extremely creative with what he is going to be making.

So far, it doesn’t seem like David is coming back because he has made no official news but if he does decide to come back it’ll be interesting to see how people react to his videos.

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