David Dobrik And Vlog Squad Get Their Own Discovery Show!

David Dobrik and the members of his Vlog Swuad got their own Disney Show known as Sharkbait. It premiered on Sunday, July 11.

Social media influencer David Dobrik returned to YouTube a few weeks ago after a lengthy hiatus, and his Vlog Squad finally bagged a Discovery show. We are as shocked as you are, and the special will be called ‘Sharkbait.’

Almost everybody is familiar with the name David Dobrik. David and his Vlog Squad have been involved in many controversies over the past year. Many people who were at the set of David’s Vlog came forward with accusations against David and other members of his squad, as one woman who worked with his crew accused his crew member of rape. After the accusations, David started losing followers and brand deals, forcing him in a way to take a social media break because of the allegations. Moreover, David put up a video on his YouTube channel three months ago where he took accountability for his actions and apologized to his fans. Since then, David went off of social media only to return after three months.

Three weeks ago, David posted his video after coming back from the social media hiatus and now he has been posting his Vlogs after every week. But it looks like David is putting his cancelation behind him and now has his hands on a new show!

David Dobrik and his Vlog Squad get a Discovery Show Sharkbait

Since his return, David has been posting more and more content on his YouTube channel again, returning to his everyday life. This time, he decided to team up with Discovery Plus to create a special for Shark Week. Shark Week is an annual programming block created by Tom Golden on the Discovery Channel, focusing on Shark-related content. The special that David and his team are starring in is ‘Sharkbait’. Pilgrim Studios announced the news to its followers through a tweet:

The show premiered on Sunday, July 11. It features the Vlog Squad members, including Jason Nash, Jonah, Natalie, and David Dobrik. Nicholas Caprio, who is the COO at Pilgrim Studios, also tweeted about this. He posted two pictures in his tweet. In one picture, David Dobrik can be seen, and in the other picture, David is with his Vlog Squad member. In the caption, he wrote:

From #dodgeball to @SharkWeek !! @DavidDobrik and the gang take on the challenge of #sharkweek2021!! Check out #sharkbait in @discoveryplus July 11th

People have mixed feelings about David and Discovery Plus, with the channel getting backlash. For instance, users and viewers are boycotting Shark Week, saying they expected Discovery to be better than this. A viewer even wrote:

I was hoping to see ocean predators, not sexual predators.

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