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Danny Duncan responds to former employee’s abuse allegations, saying it was staged for clout

After SunhatKid accused him of abuse and assault, Danny Duncan has responded to it and denied the allegations.

Recently, Danny Duncan responded to the allegations SunhatKid put against him. A few days back, SunhatKid aka Aaron Hall, accused him of physical abuse. According to him, Duncan put a knife to his throat. However, he claims that Hall is lying and twisting the truth. At the same time, he revealed that Hall’s video is a way to earn money and was staged for clout. Similarly, he also shared voice recordings of the two where SunhatKid admits to starting drama and beefing.

Danny Duncan

In 2014, he created his YouTube channel and quickly gained popularity. While he started by making prank videos, Danny Duncan has expanded his niche over the years. One of his most popular videos, Falling with 30000 Pennies, has 38 million views. At the moment, he has 4 million subscribers. However, there is an alternative path that Duncan has been on since he was in school. At a very young age, he started participating in triathlon and 5k races. Similarly, he has been training professional skateboarders since he was in high school. Right now, Danny Duncan has his focuses on YouTube content creation. That is how he met SunhatKid, aka Aaron Hall, who has been featured in his videos many times.

A few days ago, SunhatKid accused him of abuse and manipulation.

For a few months now, people had started noticing that SunhatKid did not appear in Danny Duncan’s videos. Therefore, he uploaded a video to explain his absence. According to him, Duncan had physically abused him and insulted him multiple times. At the same time, he accused Danny Duncan of forcing him to unfollow other content creators and taking 20% of his earnings. Furthermore, Sunhatkid claimed that he had put a knife to his throat, which scared him for his life. After the video went viral, people called out Duncan and started canceling him.

In response to this, Danny Duncan reacted to the video and explained his side.

At the beginning of the video, Danny Duncan shared a voice recording between him and Hall where SunhatKid admitted to being unhappy. He wanted to be in Duncan’s videos, but it was not the case. Furthermore, Aaron Hall said:

I gotta play it smart, I gotta play the game, I gotta play the LA Game. I think I’m good at starting drama. That’s what I’m going to focus on. Starting beefs. I’ve been doing it for a while. Just calling people out. I will say anything, I don’t have filter, I will say anything online, I just have to do it. I have to grow.

Meanwhile, Danny Duncan claimed that the punching and hitting were friends’ jokes. At the same time, he revealed that he had spoken to Hall three times about his concerns, but he never mentioned the said abuse. Danny Duncan said:

“This dude is out of his mind. He makes a mess with everything. … I am a d**k at times, I’m not gonna ever deny that. This is how I would handle it. I’m not saying this is the best way, but I’m not an f**king abuser, and I don’t beat him.”

It seems that there is a new feud in the YouTube community. Let’s see how far this one goes.

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