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Danielle Cohn’s Latest ‘Parents’ Prank Is Honestly Fake AF

Danielle Cohn, the famous teen YouTuber and influencer, is in “YouTube” related news from last few weeks. She has a huge fan following on YouTube and Instagram. She is also one of the famous TikTok stars as well. Everything is fine as long as you keep her lingerie and other provocative images out of the loop. A ‘young’ teenager should not be doing any of this promotional stuff. Moreover, her parents are separated and her mother is the manager, “momager”. She started trending on the internet, not for her content but for the fact that her father, Dustin Cohn, disclosed her actual age to social media. She is just 13 years old, as confirmed by her father.

This started a spill-the-tea series on many of the tea-exposers’ YouTube channels. Has this stopped Danielle Cohn? Nope. She just used her “parents” as clickbait for her latest prank vlog and it is honestly fake AF.

Wait. Danielle Cohn’s Parents Are Separated, Right?

Yes, they are. Her estranged father Dustin Cohn does not live with the family. And he does not like whatever she posts on the internet. His post exposing Danielle’s real-age is very and can be found on his facebook profile. Danielle’s parents were never married and Dustin Cohn looked after Danielle and her mother Jen for 10 years. Even Danielle’s ex Mikey Tua and his mother came forward with the truth and confirmed she is just 13 years old. Danielle was born in 2006. Okay, so, knowing that anything posted about her parents will get some attention, she used it as clickbait in her latest vlog. And turned out her “father” in the vlog is just her mother’s boyfriend.

The Pre-Planned Prank Is Fake

The latest vlog by Danielle Cohn shows us her family needs some acting skills. Danielle plans a prank with one of her friends and it is supposed to scare her mother. She asks her mother to vlog for her and then she poses to lock herself inside a room with a male friend. Everyone is shown running inside the house, trying to unlock the door while the mother is still filming the vlog and saying constantly that Danielle is not supposed to lock her door.

We can see them laughing and smiling and trying to say their “dialogues” with more conviction. But it all looks fake AF. Even the comments on her vlog are filled with the same observation.

Some Logical facts About Danielle Cohn

You can check this video by Awesomeness TV where they have revealed some serious evidence about Danielle Cohn’s age and other lies.