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Danielle Cohn forced to confirm abortion, an adult leaked the audio

From last few days, many fans were worried for Danielle Cohn and her personal life. The famous content creator on TikTok and YouTube, as well as a singer, is still a teenager. Danielle has faced an age-related controversy since fame comes with a price. Some believe she is 16 (as confirmed by her and her mother Jennifer Archambault), whereas; others believe she is 14, as confirmed by her estranged father Dustin Cohn. Danielle was also in relationships back to back which led to people believing she’ll never be single. Now, someone leaked a private conversation of Danielle with her mother and it confirmed she had an abortion.

Danielle Cohn was forced to address the rumors

Danielle Cohn has surprised everyone by coming up with a video titled The Truth About My Abortion. In fact, she was forced to do it since the internet could not stop targeting her and her family. Just recently, someone Danielle trusted with her truth, leaked an audio conversation between Danielle and mother Jen, where they talk about her abortion.

If you have not been following Danielle regularly, then you might have missed an important life update. In January 2020, Danielle Cohn confirmed that she went through a minor medical procedure. Majority of her followers took that as a hint for abortion. Danielle seemed sad in her TikToks and posts. She also got a tattoo of an angel with a date that signified death of someone. That was another solid hint for people to believe she had an abortion. However, Danielle had shut down the rumors.

Now that the conversation of Danielle and Jennifer confirming the abortion was leaked, many users bombarded Danielle and her mother’s Twitter and IG accounts as well as her TikTok and YouTube accounts. They demanded answers. And they also wanted to call Child Protection Services for Dani’s protection. They believed she is trouble and her mother is the cause.

How Danielle conceived a baby in the first place? Mikey Tua has been her one true love throughout the times and she is back in relationship with him again. However, after their breakup last year, Danielle dated Ethan Fair for a few months. They broke up. This year, she started dating Mikey again in February. As per the timeline, it was not Mikey Tua who got her pregnant.

Confirming abortion and opening up about details

It was a very huge step by Danielle Cohn to open up and record a video confirming her abortion. At the start of the video, Dani gave disclaimers that the video is not suitable for people under 18. And it’s also not for people who are against abortions. She does not want people throwing hate at her.

Yes, I did have an abortion in January.

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Dani said she wanted to come clean about it after the conversation was leaked. She took the mature step and addressed the issue right away. Before getting the abortion, Danielle herself was against abortion. However, experiencing the pregnancy herself led her to believe the importance of abortion.

Danielle Cohn confirmed she was manipulated into having s*xual relationship with someone (hint: boyfriend). She said things like this are common when you are in a relationship. After she had the abortion, she told her family and let them know she didn’t want it to reach the internet.

She also kept asking her fans not to hate themselves if they have been in such a relationship where they were s*xually involved with someone. After the leaked conversation, Danielle Cohn initially did not want to address it. However, she wanted people to know the consequences of having one such intimate night with their partner.

Finding out about her pregnancy

Danielle Cohn missed her m*nstrual cycle after the incident. She confessed she was in denial and did not want to believe she might be pregnant. Next thing she knew, she had morning sickness and she believed it might be her work stress. Finally, Danielle Cohn confided in her friends and they asked her to get the pregnancy test.

She never really thought to get pregnant at such a young age. Her pregnancy test came positive. The first thought she had after seeing the positive sign was to call the guy who was the father. She called him, and these are her words:

Let’s just say I went through it alone.

The guy did not support her at all and only got her pregnant. Danielle Cohn had to go through the shock and the procedure all alone. She did not tell her family and wanted to do it on her own. So Danielle found a clinic and went there. She saw many girls of her age getting abortion. And that gave her the hope and support she needed. Abortion is your choice. Danielle also emphasized on the fact that it’s your body and no one should tell you what to do with it.

The clinic supported her fully and did not let her feel alone. Danielle Cohn took the first pill and she started throwing up. Next day, she attended school in pain. That same day, she also took her second pill. And she says it was the most painful thing ever. The father of the baby wanted Danielle to have an abortion. However, he did not support her and proved to be a cold person.

Who leaked the conversation?

Danielle Cohn confirmed that her conversation with her mother Jennifer Archambault was leaked by an adult. She was very close to her and she trusted her with her abortion news. However, Danielle never thought that person would leak her private conversation. Whoever that lady was, shouldn’t have leak that conversation to the internet.

However, she has confirmed she loves her mother and people shouldn’t be negative towards her.

Danielle Cohn’s fans connected the dots

Danielle Cohn said she is too young to have a baby. That’s why she had an abortion. Back then, she also make a TikTok with the text “take her to the moon for me”.

Throughout the video, Danielle Cohn asked her fans to only be s*xually active with someone they truly love. And use protection. Moreover. if you are a guy, support your girl instead of ditching her when she needs you the most. She also wants her fans to stop calling police on her just because she had an abortion.

The video got Danielle’s fans angry at the guy who did this to her, who left her alone in the pain. They believe it was Ethan Fair who got her pregnant and broke up with her after finding out about it.

Ethan Fair

Danielle Cohn also confirmed that she will never film or think about a pregnancy prank again. In the past she had done it. However, after experiencing it, she will never do that.

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