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Dan Levy from Schitt’s Creek Hosts the GQ Best Stuff of 2019

For more than a decade, GQ Magazine has been hosting its annual award for a very unique category. Here, the magazine assembles a list of best items it has used and rates it accordingly. They call it GQ Best Stuff and for 2019, they brought in special kind of help. Dany Levy from Schitt’s Creek came in to lend a helping hand for them. He not only hosted the awards on their website but also provided his own suggestions to the Best Stuff list. Season 6 of Schitt’s Creek starring Eugene Levy, Annie Murphy, Emily Hampshire, and Noah Reid and Catherine O’Hara will be it’s last.

Dan Levy’s Pick for Best Stuff of 2019

The GQ Magazine’s Best Stuff list is more of a random wish list than a gift guide. It is created majorly from the whims of the GQ’s staff – people who love design, fashion, and aesthetics of it all. This year, donning an 80’s attire and looking jazz as hell, Dan also got to choose his best stuff for the list. According to the magazine, they like to describe it in this way:

“Like David Rose, Dan himself has heat-seeking shopping instincts and an appreciation for investment-worthy designer menswear—though in real life he tends less toward star-themed knitwear and more toward scene-stealing loafers and pants that, in his words, ‘gave me an ass.'”

You can check the complete list including Dan’s own choice by clicking here.

Schitt’s Creek Season 6

Kicking off on January 7 2020, season 6 will be the final one for the show. Pop TV revealed this news along with a teaser video tour of some of the most iconic locales in the town of Schitt’s Creek.

The series is based on the immensely posh Rose family when they lose their wealth and are forced to relocate to a rural town called Schitt’s Creek. Dany Levy is a co-creator of the show along with his dad Eugene Levy. Dan Levy posted a heartful message after production of season 6 ended in June:

All great things come to an end, Mr Levy.