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Daisy Ridley responds to Spider-Woman Rumors!

Star Wars star Daisy Ridley responds to rumors of her being cast as 'Spider-Woman,' saying if the role comes to her she will gladly accept it.

After exploding into the limelight in Star Wars sequels, Daisy Ridley is now being linked to many other projects. Now, Ridley has addressed the rumors of her dawning the Spidey-suit and becoming Spider-Woman!

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Daisy Ridley is thrilled to become Spider-Woman

Daisy Ridley responds to Spider-Woman Rumors!
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While talking to author Sariah Wilson, Daisy Ridley was asked if she had heard rumors about her playing Spider-Woman. To that, Ridley said:

OMG, I would love to play Spider-Woman. But is it more of like an extended Spiderverse thing?

This shows that Ridley is extremely eager to play the female version of the web-slinger, Jessica Drew. Furthermore, Ridley told Sariah that she absolutely loved the animated feature Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. She has also been following Marvel’s latest show WandaVision on Disney+.

Later on, Daisy Ridley clarified while appearing on The Graham Norton Show that her comments were from an interview taken out of context. She said:

It’s funny, I did this chat with a lovely woman and she asked me if it was true – it was the first time I’d heard of it and then the next day people kept texting me about it and it keeps being brought up. There are a million other people who could do it, but perhaps I can will it into existence!

Spider-Woman first appeared in Marvel Spotlight in 1977 and has been a regular in Marvel comics ever since. In some comics, even Mary Jane has worn her costume. But, the most notable version of this hero has always been Jessica Drew.

Furthermore, Daisy Ridley will not be the first Star Wars actor to toy with the MCU. Oscar Isaac will soon don the role of Moon Knight, and will soon get a series of his own on Disney+.