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Cynthia Bailey Is Sparking Pregnancy Rumors

Cynthia Bailey Is Sparking Pregnancy Rumors

Cynthia Bailey is more popularly known for her modeling and acting career. She is also a reality television actress, known for her role in the reality show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

But lately, fans have been super happy for Cynthia, not because of her acting skills. But for her personal life since Cynthia is now a married woman.

She recently got married to Mike Hill, who is probably the happiest man. And of course, her fans could not be happier for her.

A video of the newly wedded happy couple was shared on Instagram where they were seen dancing together. However, this clip sparked pregnancy rumours among Cynthia’s fans.

A follower asking, ‘Okay, but is she pregnant?’ ended up triggering a massive debate in the comments. Many people assumed she is pregnant while the other half of the people were talking about a health condition she has that may have made it seem like she is pregnant.

One person commented, ‘No. She said she gained weight during the quarantine,’ while someone else said, ‘No. She’s like over 50. Highly unlikely.’

While another fan wrote, ‘Women over 50 can and do have babies. It used to be rare and risky, but it’s not uncommon.’

Another follower posted a message saying, ‘Cynthia has fibroids which can cause a bloated look, but I think she looks great. And it’s no one’s business anyway.’

‘Maybe she’s bloated. I mean sometimes my tummy gets like that lol,’ and ‘Why does every woman with a lil gut have to [be] pregnant!? Y’all aggravating af ugh,’ were more remarks made by her fans in the comments section.

Cynthia And Mike

According to People magazine, Mike and Cynthia got hitched in Georgia. There were 250 guests, including some RHOA co-stars, in front of whom the two said “I do.”

About her marriage to Mike, Cynthia had the following to say,

“Mike and I are elated that today has finally come! 10/10/20 is and always will be our perfect date. We are not perfect, but are perfect for each other.”

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