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Critics not happy with Chris D'Elia returning to podcast

Critics aren’t happy with Chris D’Elia returning to podcast

Many critics on social media are not happy that Chris D'Elia returned to his podcast on YouTube, amid sexual misconduct allegations.

So, Chris D’Elia came back out of his self-imposed exile from social media a few weeks ago. He started off with a brief apology video, where he denied all the allegations of sexual misconduct, but admitted he was addicted to s*x. Afterward, he simply returned to normalcy as far as his Congratulations podcast was concerned. D’Elia is back at uploading his podcast on a weekly basis, mostly acting as if the last few months didn’t happen. And critics on social media have a mixed reaction to his return, with some criticizing D’Elia and questioning cancel culture, while others supporting D’Elia more than ever before.

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How social media reacted to Chris D’Elia’s return

Critics not happy with Chris D'Elia returning to podcast

After D’Elia’s comeback, many of his critics really began to assert the notion that cancel culture does not exist. Despite serious allegations of child pornography and sexual misconduct, Chris D’Elia came back and pretended as if nothing happened. They argued that this proves that cancel culture is not as rampant a force as most people tend to believe. Moreover, they also highlighted how people have simply forgotten what D’Elia was accused of and have moved on Look at some of the tweets here:

Furthermore, there were other critics who think Chris D’Elia can easily team up with other alleged pedophiles and alleged sex offenders for a podcast (they say it sarcastically, of course). They also highlighted that other people who have been “cancelled” like David Dobrik may also make a return to normal life.
critics not happy chris delia returning to podcast 1 Chris D'Elia

That said, not everyone was on Chris D’Elia’s back for returning to YouTube. There were also a considerable number of his fans who were happy for his return. For instance:

Furthermore, there were others who again reiterated that cancel culture is non-existent. However, these people were not in favor of cancel culture in the first place. They were jubilant on Chris D’Elia coming back to doing his podcast and also commented that his podcast is in fact better than it was ever before.

Where does cancel culture stand now?

Looking at Chris D’Elia, one does wonder where does cancel culture stands as of this moment? D’Elia might be back, but he did lose a lot of roles because of being “canceled”. People on the left argue that this is mere social accountability and that for such serious allegations of sexual misconduct, they deserve to be ostracized from society. Whereas, the right argues that cancel culture is ruining lives as it deems people unworthy for society on what they merely call allegations. So, what do you guys think of Chris D’Elia’s return and where cancel culture stands now? Let us know in the comments below.

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