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Corinna Kopf gets slaughtered on Twitter for an anti-vax tweet

Corinna Kopf gets slaughtered on Twitter for an anti-vax tweet

Corinna Kopf recently tweeted that she was anxious to get the vaccine and she is getting a lot of backlash from twitter users for this tweet.

Famous social media influencer and streamer Corinna Kopf said something against vaccines, and Twitter was having none of it. As expected, her tweet did not evade Twitter’s eyes, as they reprimanded her for her anti-vax comments.

Corinna Kopf is very famous for her YouTube videos and streaming videos. She is a social media personality and is often a part of David Dobrik’s vlogs. Kopf has been a part of David’s Vlog Squad Group since 2015 and personally has over one million subscribers on YouTube and over five million followers on Instagram. So, it’s safe to say that she is pretty famous. People also called out Corinna for being friends with David Dobrik because of the allegations against him. And they are once again calling her out, but for a different reason.

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Corinna Kopf gets backlash from people from Twitter on anti-vax tweet

Corinna Kopf recently tweeted something quite controversial on her Twitter account. She tweeted that she had anxiety after people asked her to take her vaccine, saying:

no one talks about the anxiety some people face when asked to take a vaccine. we are consistently asked to respect people’s feelings and personal choices, but all that is thrown out the window when someones nervousness is taken as selfishness.

There was almost instant outrage on Twitter over Corinna Kopf’s tweet. Many people highlighted that she recently had plastic surgery, which involves many needles. This shows that needles clearly don’t scare her enough, then why so much reluctance when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine?

Some people even called Kopf stupid and some said that she cannot be fixed. A content creator named Dave called Kopf selfish, saying that she has not been following COVID precautions as well.

She then tweeted that she might be getting vaccinated tomorrow. She also said in her tweet that she has been called a pu**y and a coward, saying:

might just get my covid vaccine tomorrow, being called a pu**y, a coward, and being told to die a few times really convinced me and eased my nerves 🙂

Since then, we haven’t heard anything from her Twitter account. But, she is far from being the only celebrity or influencer who made anti-vax remarks. Joe Rogan recently discouraged young people, saying they don’t need to get vaccinated. However, he had to later clarify his remarks after he got considerable backlash.

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