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Corinna Kopf claps back after she got criticized for her new tattoo

Corinna Kopf claps back after she got criticized for her new tattoo

Corinna Kopf clapped back after she got criticized for her new tattoo, with critics saying she is trying too hard to not be an American.

Corinna Kopf has been the target of haters for quite some time now. This time, however, the criticism is a bit severe. Twitter is after her because people think she is faking her heritage. However, she wasn’t going to stay quiet after this horrendous comment and clapped back with a strong response.

Corinna hasn’t always been met with love from people on social media, despite her fame and success. Once she was the target of criticism because she was friends with David Dobrik. Most of us know that David and his Vlog Squad were accused of sexual assault and other severe allegations, but Corinna stayed friends with Dobrik anyway. More recently, she was attacked by Twitter users for an anti-vax tweet. In the tweet, she implied that many people like her are scared of needles and can’t get the vaccination. However, they were eager to remind her of the plastic surgeries she underwent, which involved a lot more needles than a vaccination.

Corinna Kopf claps back at a critic who thinks she is faking her German heritage

Kopf recently got a tattoo to commemorate her more humble German heritage. She posted the picture of her tattoo on Twitter and in the caption, she inserted a couple of German flag emojis. She got a tattoo on her neck which reads “Ich liebe dich,” which is German for ‘I love you’.

However, it did not sit well with some critics because they thought she was trying to avoid being American. Corinna got a lot of criticism for her tattoo but there was one specific comment that got her attention. In the since-deleted tweet, the critic said:

Americans are trying so hard to not be American. Their great grand cousin twice removed came to Ellis Island from Germany and they’ll proudly announce that they’re German all over the internet.

The comment did not sit well with Corrina Kopf and she decided to clap back at her hater. In her tweet she said

You don’t know anything about me though? because if you did you’d know that i spent every summer between the ages of 5-14 in germany. i’m literally first generation & at one point i was fluent in german. suck my d*ck

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