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Controversial Video of Logan Paul Look Alike Revealed

Like him or hate him; Logan Paul is always making headlines. And mostly for all the wrong reasons. From filming a dead body from the suicide forest in Japan and then posting it online, to announcing he’s “going gay” for a month, Logan Paul surely knows how to make a name for himself. He is no stranger to controversy and sure seems to have a knack for it. His recent antics with KSI and their boxing match garnered a lot of attention, with a full house at the arena and thousands of people streaming online to watch the match.

Yet another Logan Paul controversy

In recent news though, Logan Paul has himself caught up in yet another controversy. One which involves him being “intimate” with another man. The man is allegedly an old friend of Logan’s. Being unaware of the whole situation, Jake Paul- his infamous wild brother- was the one to first point out to Logan about the video making rounds on the Internet. In a hilarious exchange of DMs posted by Jake Paul on Twitter, it can be seen how oblivious Logan was to the whole ordeal.

After going along with the whole joke for some time, Logan went and pointed the video out as being nothing but clickbait. But Logan made sure to make use of this situation to his advantage. He asked his fans for retweets in exchange for the whole “sex tape”, poking fun at the whole situation. He even tweeted people such as James Charles, warning him that he might be “next”.

Uh… sick.

This whole mess of a situation made Logan reach the trending charts on twitter on the 21st of December, and for good reason.

And while Logan may have denied these claims, for now, we are sure to hear more about it in the next episode of his popular podcast, which he runs with his friend Mike. We’re sure fans are eager to sip some tea and learn more details on the matter.