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Connor Franta Is Back On YouTube To Talk About His 20’s

After being majorly involved in his new TV show Loud & Clear, Connor Franta seems to be back on YouTube with a new video.

The popular YouTuber Connor Franta seems to be back on YouTube. But that does not mean he hasn’t got other important things on his mind. Franta still has been working on his new TV talk show Loud & Clear. But in the meantime, he has returned to the platform with a new video. After the context of the television show, fans must have expected something political or serious. But instead, Franta has talked about the struggles of being in your twenties in his latest video.

Connor Franta Enters YouTube Again with a New Video on 20’s

In his latest video, Connor Franta has opened up about 20’s being a very weird age for everyone. Especially, in American culture. It’s an age when nothing is really decided while everything is happening, and whether or not you want to be there, you already are. When people turn 20, a lot of them still are completing higher education. But others are not necessarily living with their parents. Instead, they are out on their own providing for themselves for the very first time. As for many, they are trying to establish a more stronger presence at their jobs or businesses in the work industry. Let’s not forget that throughout all this, some are still helplessly falling in love and building relationships. But that’s just the beginning of your 20’s.

Connor added that if bluntly put, the 20’s can be screwed up. With everything like mortgages, taxes, individual self-fulfillment and responsibility, there is a lot going on. While everyone is at a different stage of all this, Franta seems to not be doing so well. Now that he is 26, anxiety has started taking over. Apparently, its just hitting to him that his age is 26, and that’s for real. He added a social political touch to his video talking about gun control and climate change. He discussed his achievements saying that in these years, a person really has the pressure of figuring out where they are headed in life. While his talk could have made them re-evaluate their lives, others can be relieved by the positivity he tried to add and find it relatable.

Connor Franta waved hello to YouTube again by even sharing the new video and his return on Twitter.

Connor Franta is an American YouTuber, entrepreneur, entertainer, and writer. As of September 2018, his self-named main channel on YouTube has over 5.5 million subscribers.