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Connor Franta Wants us to Let Shawn Mendes Be

Connor Franta discusses the topic of Shawn Mendes’ sexuality which is buzzing in the media these days in an eloquent and insightful full video. People have repeatedly questioned the sexuality of Shawn Mendes. Despite the singer confirming several times that he is straight, the rounds do not seem to subside. The Twitter queer community largely imagines Shawn Mendes as a gay guy. And in spite of contrary reports from the singer, Twitterati continues to circulate memes that take digs at Mendes’s sexuality. Franta feels that it is absurdly messed up how Mendes has to confirm his sexuality every day, and yet the skepticism around him being gay does not culminate.

Mendes Will Take No More Comments On His Sexuality

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Shawn Mendes talked about how reports of him being gay affecting him on a personal level.

Mendes read comments about his sexuality Last Christmas and then he decided to give a clear picture of whether he was gay, or if it was something that made a difference.

“I thought, ‘You fucking guys are so lucky I’m not actually gay and terrified of coming out. That’s something that kills people. That’s how sensitive it is. Do you like the songs? Do you like me? Who cares if I’m gay.”

Shawn Mendes’ Interview Inspired Connor Franta

The interview moved Connor Franta greatly. The YouTuber quickly posted a reaction video today interview where he shared a feeling of sympathy and empathy with Mendes. Franta talked about how Mendes have to prove his sexuality irrelevantly, on several occasions. To him, this social pressure is serious ‘f***** up’.

Connor Franta slammed people for trying to force out people in scenarios where the closets do not even exist. He urged people to not be judgemental and encouraged them to not base there assumptions on stereotypes of the past. Franta pointed out to the sequence where Mendes talked about how he had to alter his body language so that people did not raise eyebrows on his sexuality. The YouTuber feels that this self-consciousness and sense of insecurity is frustrating for anyone.

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Franta Asks Fans Not To Pass Judgments About Shawn Mendes’ Sexuality

Connor Franta elaborated that Shawn Mendes was a great artist. And the demeaning comments about his personal life and sexuality were indeed ruinous and devastating. Afterward, Franta mentioned that Mendes was an amazing person with an amazing load of talent. The openly gay YouTuber urged  people to stop stressing Shawn out as it can greatly affect his career.

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