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Connected Movie Focuses On Apocalyptic Tech Obsession

Connected Movie Focuses On Apocalyptic Tech Obsession

All the animated fans gather around, for we have some happy news for you. A Sony Pictures sci-fi film, Connected, based on the evils of tech, is coming up on September 18, 2020. Thie movie is produced by Chris Miller, Kurt Albrecht, and Phil Lord; directed by Michael Rianda; and screenplay by Jeff Rowe. Taking into account the successful projects by these creators – “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”,  “Gravity Falls” and “The Lego Movie” – we can surely say a good movie is on its way. 

Connected Storyline

The animated movie Connected highlights an important aspect of our world. We are too dependent on technology and are unaware of the negative implications that it has on us. If you look around in a room, everyone is nose down with their gadgets. The family time that we used to have growing up has become a long-lost tradition of our ancestors.

Looking at the objective with which the kid’s dad set out on along with his family – to detach them from their technology addiction – I’d say with the things that went down, his mission was pretty much complete. His family realized that technology instead of serving mankind has gotten out of control and is instead threatening to become the ruler of all.

Watch the eye-opening trailer below and don’t forget to watch the movie with the kids in September.