Colleen Ballinger Gets Real About Post Pregnancy Body

Colleen Ballinger aka Miranda Sings gave birth to a baby boy earlier this month, but she just got real about her pot pregnancy body.

The YouTuber just gave birth, and every woman does not lose her pregnancy weight immediately afterward. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. And maybe it’s time that people give mothers some space and relieve them of this burden.

Miranda Sings Boasts Post-Pregnancy Bumps

Colleen Ballinger showed off her post-pregnancy bumps without the slightest hint of shame in her new video. And that’s probably the best way to go about it because she agrees that not all women instantly go back to how they were before giving birth. The YouTuber also opened up about how she faced body image issues while she was pregnant. And that led to her avoiding the scales because she had gained more weight than other women normally do. She pointed out that before her pregnancy, she was tiny and probably even underweight.

In her video, Miranda Sings claimed that all women have different ways to get rid of post-pregnancy weight. Some lose it by breastfeeding while others work out really hard. But some girls even gain more weight after their deliveries. And she was not sure yet how her body was going to take it.

Colleen added that it might seem weird to people that she was showing off her body that’s not a hot mess or perfect. But she said that it was important because women faced a lot of pressure after giving birth to return to their pre-pregnancy weight. But Ballinger added that even though her body did not have a skinny six-pack, her body made another body. So she believes that her body is way cooler.

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