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Colleen Ballinger Gets Animated Cameo On Ralph Breaks The Internet

Colleen Ballinger Gets Animated Cameo On Ralph Breaks The Internet

The Walt Disney Animated Studios film forays into the wide world of the internet quite boldly. Presenting netizens and the resources available on the net in their true essence, Ralph breaks the internet has precisely nailed all the elements it wanted to portray. In its depiction of online culture, the sequel to Wreck it Ralph establishes YouTube as a significant entity. In Ralph’s world, YouTube is known as BuzzTube. And it is not a place just for silly cat videos. It is a severe place through which thousands of people earn their living. In its narrative, Ralph dawns upon the realities of YouTube. Hardcore fans would not have missed an animated cameo of Colleen Ballinger (screen name Miranda Sings) in Ralph breaks the internet.

Colleen Ballinger Gets An Animated Cameo On Ralph Breaks The Internet

Ralph Breaks the Internet called upon digital influencers to portray themselves; this was indeed an intelligent stratagem from the movie makers to add validity to the rendition of the internet in the movie. The famous YouTube personalities on Ralph breaks the internet include Flula Borg, German actor, comedian, and YouTube personality (DJ Flula); Taraji P. Henson plays Yesss Dani Fernandez, who also hosted the panel; Colleen Ballinger, and Tiffany Herrera. Ballinger, Fernandez, and Herrera voiced the animated versions of themselves.

About the casting Director, Rich Moore says

 “We wanted to cast these roles with people who embody the best of the internet.”

Directors Have Confirmed The Cameos Of YouTube Bigwigs

The YouTuber casting was first unveiled via the Comic-Con panel. Their directors, Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, and head of story Josie Trinidad shared fresh footage. Moreover, they also revealed behind-the-scenes information about the making of “Ralph Breaks the Internet.”

In the particular track, which also features Collen Ballinger in her animated avatar, Ralph learns that he can make a lot of money if his YouTube (BuzzTube) videos go viral.

Yes, an entrepreneur shows Ralph examples of YouTubers who had previously broken the internet with their headline-worthy content. While Yess cites his particular examples, the audience can see an animated cameo of Colleen Ballinger.

YouTuber Colleen Ballinger- A Sensation

Colleen Ballinger holds a Teen Choice Award for her character Miranda Sings. The YouTuber has about 8 million subscribers and more than a billion views on her videos. Fans can catch her on Ralph Breaks the Internet as it premieres in cinemas today, the 21st of November. We’re all desperately waiting to see Colleen Ballinger in her hilarious cameo!