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Chucky Just Became An LGBTQ+ Icon By Accepting His Gender-Fluid Child

Chucky just became an LGBTQ+ icon by accepting his gender-fluid child

In the latest TV series on Syfy, Chucky, the iconic 80s horror doll reveals itself as an ally for the LGBTQ+ community.

In the most interesting and bizarre news, the iconic horror movie doll, Chucky is an LGBTQ+ ally. A few days back, a TV series surrounding this character premiered on Syfy. During the first episode, the doll reads the diary of Jake, a 14-year-old boy struggling with his sexuality. That is when the doll admits that he has a genderfluid child. Since then, it has been a trending topic on social media. People are overjoyed with the news.

In the 80s, Chucky turned out to be the most horrific character for kids

According to the story of the original film, Child’s Play, a serial killer performs voodoo to transfer his soul into a ‘Good Guy’ doll. After the first film gained popularity, Chucky had six sequels and is still considered an iconic character. Created by Don Mancini, Chucky is voiced by Brad Dourif and Mark Hamill. After the film became a hit, it also inspired many real-life incidents. There have been at least two known incidents where the killers were influenced by the films and the character.


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Recently, Chucky revealed himself to be an ally for LGBTQ+ community in the TV series

Chucky Just Became An LGBTQ+ Icon By Accepting His Gender-Fluid Child

A few days back, the TV series of the infamous film, Chucky, premiered on Syfy. It had the most-watched premiere of the TV show of this year. In its first week, it attracted 4 million viewers. According to the story of this show, 14-year-old Jake picks up the doll Chucky from a yard sale. However, murders start to take place in the community and make everyone scared. Interestingly, one of the episodes of Chucky reveals the character to be a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. In a conversation with Jake, who struggles with his own sexuality, the doll reveals that he has read Jake’s diary. At the same time, he tells him that he has a genderfluid child, Glen/Glenda. When Jake asks if he is cool with it, Chucky responds that he is not a monster.

After the reveal, people expressed their happiness on the social media

When the episode of Chucky came out, people rejoiced and shared their joy on the internet. Many gay people appreciated the makers of the show. One Twitter user said:

2021 we’ve learned that michael myers is homophobic and chucky is a supportive parent of an lgbtq kid

Meanwhile, another said:

was really not expecting vocally pro lgbtq+ rights chucky but here we are, i guess

Another user said:

Everyone going off on TikTok about Chucky being LGBTQ+ friendly as if I didn’t post this in April of this year or the fact that the movie came out in 2004.

One user pointed out that Chucky is a better ally than many of the real people.

At the same time, another user mentioned how the cancel culture works.

In short, people were extremely happy about this reveal about Chucky.

With this new development, Chucky has become an even bigger icon and has gained a major fan following within the new generation as well.

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