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Chris Hemsworth's 'Extraction' nominated for People's Choice Awards

Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Extraction’ nominated for the People’s Choice Awards

Since the nominees for the People’s Choice Awards were disclosed last Thursday, celebrities are sharing their happiness with fans. Chris Hemsworth did the same because of his nominations for the People’s Choice Awards for his film Extraction.

The action-packed film ‘Extraction‘ starring the handsome Chris Hemsworth was released earlier this year on Netflix. The film has now become the most-watched movie of all time on Netflix and the actor cannot thank his fans enough. The Australian actor took to Instagram to show how grateful he is to his fans for their support on Friday.

Chris played the character of mercenary Tyler Rake in Extraction and has also been nominated for two People’s Choice Awards. He was nominated in the categories: Action Movie Star of 2020 and Male Movie Star 2020.

Thor Actor thanks fans!

Following the announcement, Chris Hemsworth uploaded a video on Instagram to thank fans for their support and encouraged them to vote for him. The Thor actor said:

 “Myself and Extraction got a number of nominations. So, thank you so much for the support for this film… I have to say the People’s Choice Awards are the most special for me, as they’re the vote of the fans, the vote of the people; it’s your voice.”

He also added how fans were really important for any success:

“We would all be unemployed without you – so thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Extraction breaking records on Netflix!

It also beat the critically praised fictional series The Witcher, based on the famous video game and book series. The series stars Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, Anya Chalotra, MyAnna Buring, and Joey Batey in important roles.

Extraction also beat Sandra Bullock’s post-apocalyptic thriller film, Birdbox, released back in 2018 on Netflix. According to CNet, Chris’s action film Extraction was viewed by 99 million accounts on Netflix, after the first month of release.

On November 15th, the awards shows will broadcast live from California.

Chris Hemsworth upcoming projects

About the Avengers actor, Chris Hemsworth’s, upcoming projects, it is reported that the actor has signed a four movies deal with Netflix that could bring in millions of dollars to the Australian Entertainment industry. According to The Sunday Telegraph, he is also currently negotiating for the next three films to be made in Australia.


Chris Hemsworth is an artist who has had numerous achievements over the past several years. But he never takes it for granted and appreciates every opportunity. It is all because of his fans’ love that the movie broke records on the streaming giant and got both the movie and Chris nominated for People’s choice awards.