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Chris D'Elia Returns To Stand-Up Comedy, Jokes About Getting Canceled For Sexual Abuse Allegations

Chris D’Elia returns to stand-up comedy, jokes about getting canceled for sexual abuse allegations

After a long absence from the stage, Chris D'Elia finally returns to stand-up comedy. He also joked about his sexual abuse allegations.

For all the talk around Cancel Culture, some people still manage to find their way back in mainstream media. And it looks like Chris D’Elia is making gradual advances to normalcy as well. After being away for months, the comedian first made a comeback on his Congratulations podcast. Although he addressed the allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct on the show, it still left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth. Now, it looks like he has taken it a step further by doing his first stand-up show in more than a year.

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Chris D'Elia Returns To Stand-Up Comedy, Jokes About Getting Canceled For Sexual Abuse Allegations
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Laugh Factory’s Laugh-o-Rama show for 9:30 pm had quite a lucrative lineup of Erik Griffin, BT Kingsley, Nemr, Sherri Shepherd, Kountry Wayne, and Max Amini. However, the audience got quite a surprise as the hosts revealed that there was a surprise guest appearance. And it was none other than Chris D’Elia. The Hollywood Reporter had a source who witnessed the entire spectacle live, and revealed that D’Elia largely received positive reception. One would expect booing to ensure, but it was quite the opposite. The source revealed:

The crowd had a positive response. There was definitely no booing, that’s for sure. I was expecting backlash or negative energy but really everyone seemed happy he was there and happy to enjoy the show.

Laugh Factory gave Chris D’Elia the stage because they wanted to separate the art from the artist

And the reason why Chris D’Elia was part of the lineup of the show was that they wanted to “separate personal from the professional”. Moreover, the show’s organizers found his set “absolutely hilarious” and the best of the night. As far as the allegations are concerned, Chris D’Elia did not address them directly. However, he did joke about getting canceled quite frequently. He revealed how he sought therapy, confronted his anger issues, and became a father for the first time. The source further continued:

It was a lot of self-loathing humor. At one point, he made some crude jokes and said that he wasn’t sure if he crossed a line but that he couldn’t really be canceled twice. He was very funny about it.”

Apart from that, Chris D’Elia cracked some other jokes on the audience too. The report says:

He called out a man in the front row for being “too handsome and too fit” and pointed out a male audience member in the corner who was wearing shorts for an evening show. “He asked the guy if his mom let him leave the house like that.”

Last year, multiple women came forward and accused Chris D’Elia of sexual misconduct. Many of the alleged victims were underage at the time D’Elia made inappropriate advances on them. Furthermore, two women later revealed that Chris D’Elia exposed himself in front of them as well. As a result of the accusations, his acting agency CAA parted ways with him, and Zack Snyder fired him from his Netflix movie Army of the Dead too. He even spent millions on the reshoots to replace him with Tig Notaro.

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