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Chris D'Elia (No Pain), Soiled His Pants On His Way to Meet Eminem

Chris D’Elia (No Pain), Soiled His Pants On His Way to Meet Eminem

Chris D’Elia, No Pain, tells Joe Rogan about how he started working with Eminem (Godzilla). The stand-up comedian also shares the details of the day he met the rap king and it’s hilarious.

The day Chris D’Elia met the King of Rap

The conversation between Undateable‘s Delia and Joe Rogan with a casual talk on how shi**ing one’s self is funny at any age and they both seem to agree on it.

It’s funny, you know. Shi**ing yourself is funny, no matter how old one is. If I was 80 and someone told me this story, I’d still laugh.

This reminded Chris D’Elia (No Pain), of an incident from his life. Undateable star told Rogan about the last time he soiled his pants and it was on his way to meet Music to Be Murdered By‘s Eminem.

So the last time I sh*t myself was when I was going to meet Eminem in a Sprinter van. So I think it was too much coffee or maybe just the anxiety but ‘it’ was on the edge and I had to it. We pull-over into this town, I opened the door, ran into someone’s yard and did there. It all came out quickly.

Joe Rogan was in fits of laughter upon hearing the funny story and was also curious to find out why he was meeting the rap star.

Chris D’Elia was talking about the project he had done with Kamikaze‘s Logic and Lose Yourself rapper. Chris’s uncanny impressions of Eminem got the attention of both rappers and the three ended up collaborating for a video.

So my mangar called me and said; “So I don’t know if you know Kamikaze rapper Logic” and I was like of course I do, why? He goes ” so he’s doing a song with Eminem and they want to put your impression on the back of the song and want to know if that’s okay”. I was like sure, fon’ ask for any money, just do it!

Chris D’Elia’s collaboration with the two raked in millions of hits and Delia says it was on the best times of his life.

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