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Chris D'Elia's new Netflix show canceled after sexual misconduct allegations

Chris D’Elia’s new Netflix show canceled after sexual misconduct allegations

It’s been a month since stand up comedian Chris D’Elia was accused of his inappropriate sexual behavior towards underage girls. A lot of women came forward on social media and talked about Chris’s sexual misconduct toward them. But D’Elia denied all the accusations made by the accusers saying that everything was totally consensual and legal. But it is still going to affect his career as Netflix’ just announced cancellation of his upcoming prank show with fellow comedian Bryan Callen.

Netflix Cancels Chris D’Elia’s Prank Show

Chris D’Elia and fellow comedian Bryan Callen managed to land a deal with Netflix and at the same time, the sexual allegations started surfacing on the internet. The unscripted show was going to feature Chris’s relationship with his comedian friend Bryan. The show’s production was on hold but now it has been completely scraped off from Netflix’s upcoming shows.

The show’s cancellation is not a rumor. As a representative from Netflix confirmed the news. And everybody is still waiting for Chris D’Elia and his legal team to make an official statement regarding the show’s cancellation.

For all those people who don’t know about Chris D’Elia, you may recognize him from Netflix’s ‘YOU’. He played the role of a creepy sexual predator in the second season. This is just not it. Chris is also going to appear in a Netflix movie which is all set to release in 2021.

Chris D’Elia’s allegations that are affecting his career

A lot of women came forward and talked about D’Elia’s sexual misconduct last month. Some of them were in their mid-teens. One of the victims explained that D’Elia wanted her to or*lly pleasure his friend. While he showed n*de pictures of himself to others.

Chris has been MIA since a number of talent agencies fired him. And he is not even recording anything for his podcast show ‘Congratulations with Chris D’Elia’.

Tweet Chris D'Elia

A fan tweeted on his Instagram and supporting the action of Chris D’Elia’s cancellation from all the social media platforms.

“Netflix scrapped upcoming @chrisdelia prank show because of his alleged pedophile behavior. #CancelCulture isn’t always bad. Continuing to promote a predator who preys on children for s*xual satisfaction would convince me to delete my @netflix account”.

How Bryan Callen feels about the situation?

Chris D’Elia’s best friend Callen is having mixed feelings about the situation. He is definitely questioning his relationship with him. They have been friends for a very long time. They not only crack jokes together but they crack jokes together during work. Bryan Callen was not even aware of his friend’s predatory behavior until now. He always considered  D’Elia as someone who is popular with the ladies and respected them.

Callen was so heartbroken and shaken down to his core that he deleted all the pictures of D’Elia from his Instagram. And he is not making any further comments about the whole situation.

Let’s see what happens next and wait for Chris D’Elia and his legal team to release any further updates on the case.

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