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Chris D’Elia messaged Trisha Paytas’s sister when she was 18

Everyone is focusing on Chris D’Elia, the famous stand-up comedian, actor, and podcast host. The accusers have come forward with sexual misconduct allegations. Due to these allegations, he was dropped by CAA. And many fans are wondering what’s the future for him. Since he is the talk of the town, it seemed befitting when Trisha Paytas uploaded her latest podcast titled: Chris D’Elia DM’d My Sister When She Was 18 years Old. Yikes!

Trisha Paytas & her sister open up about Chris D’Elia and predators

If you are following Trisha Paytas, you must know that she hired her sister, Kalli Metz, as her assistant. Trisha also led her to the world of OnlyFans. And you know what that means, you can watch the sisters doing their own thing on OnlyFans.

In her recent podcast, The Dish with Trish, Trisha had her mother, Lenna Paytas, and her sister, Kalli Metz as her guests/co-hosts (still confused). Trisha told them how everyone keeps asking her to talk about current events, for example, Aaron Carter’s engagement. And she said she does not really care then why should she talk about them. However, Trisha Paytas did talk about how people are disappearing from the internet. Like Gabbie Hanna, David Dobrik and Chris D’Elia. Chris is a podcast host and he has not posted anything from a month. (No talks of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson in “disappearing people” list).

Talking about her own opinion on Chris D’Elia, Trisha Paytas said nothing huge has come out yet. In her opinion, there might be something big, like s*x with an underage girl, still kept a secret. Probably that’s why everyone is distancing from him. Her sister Kalli Metz added her opinion on how cancel culture is becoming brutal. Everyone has an opinion as they are staying at home.

Everyone is getting cancelled every single day. I cannot keep up.

The justice system

Kalli Metz also highlighted how faulty the justice system is. People who sell weed are serving more time in prison compared to the person who faces rape allegations. She also talked about how people should be more accepting to the apologies. If someone has served their time in the prison for the crime they committed, they should not be judged for the same crime in their free life after prison. Trisha Paytas’s sister Kalli said:

People make mistakes. We are humans, we all make mistakes.

However, she also said that everyone should be held accountable if they have really committed crimes.

When Chris D’Elia messaged Kalli Metz?

Kalli, who goes by the name of Kalgator on social media, also wants Chris D’Elia to be held accountable if he is proven guilty. Trisha Paytas, on the other hand, kept saying those ‘crimes’ were not that severe if he only contacted someone and then left that person alone after finding out that she is underage.

After 27 minutes of the podcast, they finally discuss the “title” of the podcast. Trisha Paytas asked Kalli to share her experience when Chris D’Elia DM’d her. Kalli said:

It wasn’t bad. I was freshly 18. I had a crush on him.

And turned out Kalli was not the only one who had a crush on him. Apparently, Trisha Paytas attended a bikini contest just to see Chris D’Elia. In fact, both of them applied for the contest. Trisha got in for at least one round. However, Kalli couldn’t qualify for a single round.

Trisha Paytas and Kalli do not remember whether the “DM” thing happened before or after that bikini contest. But Kalli does remember that she was 18, and they used to go to Laugh Factory all the time before they changed the age limit to 21. Kalli tweeted at him, she does not remember what it was though. And Chris D’Elia sent her a DM. Chris offered her to “come and hang out”. Trisha Paytas could not stop laughing when Kalli was sharing this part of the story.

Kalli remembered it was 8PM when he sent her the DM, and she knew he was performing at 10PM at the Laugh Factory. So, she put 2 and 2 together and said No to him.

On her overall experience

Trisha Paytas and Kalli wrapped up the Chris D’Elia topic with Kalli confirming that she was of legal age when Chris D’Elia sent her the DM. So she did not find anything strange about it. Trisha, on the other hand, kept highlighting the fact that even though Kalli was 18, she looked younger than that.

Kalli said this is a grey area where you do not understand how bad the issue really is. If someone is hitting on you and you respond back, then that makes the issue bigger in the longer run.

On a side note, Trisha Paytas and Kalli Metz said that just because they are doing OnlyFans, does not mean that they should be considered hookers. So no one should get creepy if they ever DM them now.


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