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Tig Notaro Replaces Chris D'Elia Amid Sexual Harassment

Chris D’Elia Fired From Zack Snyder’s ‘Army Of The Dead’, Tig Notaro Replaces Him

Chris D'Elia has been dropped from Zack Snyder's upcoming Netflix film "Army of the Dead", amid sexual misconduct allegations. Tig Notaro has replaced him.

The upcoming Zack Snyder’s Netflix film “Army of the Dead” has been in post-production, with all scenes shot. The movie is scheduled for release in 2021. However, Snyder is now replacing Chris D’Elia with Tig Notaro following sexual misconduct allegations against the comedian.

“Army of the Dead” to undergo reshoots for Tig Notaro

Zack Snyder thought it best to replace D’Elia, even though the shooting was complete. Therefore, the movie will undergo reshoots to incorporate Tig Notaro into the film. Deadline reported that the reshoots will begin as soon as it is safe to resume production. Reshoots usually do not end well for most films. However, the allegations of sexual misconduct against Chris D’Elia were severe enough for Zack Snyder to go down that route.

Tig Notaro Replaces Chris D'Elia Amid Sexual Harassment
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“Army of the Dead” follows the aftermath of a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas. It follows a group of mercenaries who plan a heist in the quarantine zone. Moreover, a star-studded cast, with actors like Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Ana De La Reguera, Theo Rossi, Huma Qureshi, Omari Hardwick, Hiroyuki Sanada, and etc will be a part of the film. Chris D’Elia was a part of this cast as well. However, recent allegations of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct have taken a massive hit on his career.

Chris D’Elia’s career takes another hit after sexual misconduct allegations

Sexual Misconduct of Chris D'Elia
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Zack Snyder and Netflix are not the only ones to take action against Chris D’Elia. Ever since the sexual harassment and sexual misconduct allegations surfaced, the comedian has faced a lot of backlash from the audience and Hollywood alike. His agency CAA fired him and the management company 3 Arts Entertainment also pulled the plug on D’Elia. Netflix canceled his new show as well. Moreover, the episodes of Workaholic that featured D’Elia as a child molester have also been removed.

Apart from his shows getting canceled, Chris D’Elia received widespread condemnation from other Hollywood celebrities as well. His former co-star Whitney Cummings said:

This is a pattern of predatory behavior. This abuse of power is enabled by silence. Now that I’m aware, I won’t be silent. Girls should be able to be a fan of a comedian they admire without becoming a sexual target.

Moreover, Bill Burr also responded to the sexual harassment allegations against Chris D’Elia. He, however, was against other comedians and celebrities speaking out against D’Elia, saying:

When a comedian is involved in a controversy that could possibly end their career, unless you have any information to add to it, you should probably stay out of it. Recently I saw this like all of a sudden other comedians’ feelings about the person’s act or whatever which has nothing to do with what they’re debating.

That said, Joe Rogan, who invited D’Elia on his famous podcast many times, did not address the allegations at all.

Chris D’Elia denied the allegations

In response, Chris D’Elia has denied the allegations, saying he did not knowingly pursue any underage girls. Moreover, his legal team released a few emails as well. Those emails highlighted how the alleged victims contacted D’Elia years later and that he asked them of their age multiple times. However, the emails did not address all the victims and did not convincingly prove D’Elia’s innocence as well. There is no news of any court proceedings as of yet.

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