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Chris Brown’s Baby Mommy Ammika Harris Post-Pregnancy Picture Faces Backlash

Fans of the singer do not like Chris Brown‘s baby mama. That is very explicitly established from all the times they have posted or said things about her. This time followers lash out at a picture she posts of herself in a bikini showing off her curves. Ammika Harris posted the picture to send a message to people to take care of their bodies. She posted it in the spirit of Quarantine time because it is easy to lose your mental and physical state in these trying times. Mommy to Aeko Brown, the model just can’t seem to get on the good side of Chris Brown’s fans.

Fans react to Chris Brown’s Baby Mamma Ammika Harris

Now, Ammika Harris had a Cesarean / C-Section when her baby boy was born. All 844k followers of hers are lashing out because you do not see the scar in any of her posts. While many believe it is supposed to be worn proudly, it just does not seem to be the way Ammika is heading.

Here are a few fan comments for you to dig in. People can be harsh sometimes and Ammika probably gets it more than we know:

The photoshop is annoying asf I thought your son was the. The most important thing in your life y u hiding something he gave you it represents his birth how dare you to cover that up.

Well, that escalated quickly. This follower is calling her out for not loving her son? Okay, what?

I thought u were proud of your scar why tf you photoshopping. It out of pictures.

Judgemental critics everywhere. We feel for Ammika Harris. However, some others take it on a lighter, more positive note.

Ooh mama what cream do you use for your c-section scar cuz I don’t even see it💕

Another mentions how she does not look like a momma.

you dont look like you had a kid just a few months ago🔥🔥

Another follower came to her rescue and defended Ammika.

Why do people assume you’re covering your C section scar? I had two c sections and you don’t see them when I wear a bikini! People work my nerves!

People are just nosey. if you ask me. We think Ammika Harris looks just gorgeous and even if she wants to hide the scar, it is her choice.

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