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Chloe Veitch apologizes for accidentally leaking Harry Jowsey’s phone number

If you get Harry Jowsey's number, would you just text or call? Chloe Veitch accidentally leaked his number, but it has been removed since.

Whether it’s social media stars, reality TV stars, or celebrities, there is always one feud or another. However, Chloe Veitch and Harry Jowsey are changing the norm with their growing friendship. Therefore, when Veitch accidentally leaked Jowsey’s number, he did not think much of it and laughed it off.

Although Chloe Veitch could not get love on the show, she is one of the most loved members of Too Hot To Handle cast. However, Harry Jowsey still takes the lead. Meanwhile, people still remember Veitch for her bubbly personality and honesty. Not only THTH, but Chloe Veitch also became a fan favorite on The Circle as well. At the beginning of Too Hot To Handle, Veitch has her eyes on Jowsey and was the first woman in the house to kiss him.

However, nothing else happened between them, and they stayed friends. After the show ended, The Circle star did spill the beans on Jowsey’s on-again, off-again relationship.

Since then, Harry has moved on.

While the infamous relationship is no more, Chloe Veitch is still a close friend of Harry Jowsey

Although she’s dating her co-star from The Circle, Chloe Veitch is also very close to Harry Jowsey. Since the show ended, they have stayed in touch. These days, they both are in LA and seem to be shooting another show with Netflix. While details about the show are still unknown, they spend a lot of time together. In the past, Veitch has admitted to having feelings for Harry. However, it seems that they both have decided to stay friends.

Recently, Veitch leaked Jowsey’s number by accident.

Although the details of the incident are unknown, Chloe Veitch posted on Instagram stories, asking for Harry Jowsey to forgive her. Apparently, Chloe Veitch leaked Harry’s number by mistake. She also hilariously trolled herself for being an idiot.

Chloe Veitch Apologizes For Accidentally Leaking Harry Jowsey's Phone Number
Instagram | Netflix

On the other hand, Harry Jowsey tweeted about it and wrote:

Massive shoutout to our favourite melon @chloe_veitch for leaking my number today I’ve never felt so important in my life

It seems they both got the situation under control before it got out of hand because the fans completely missed it. Imagine if his fans had seen it on time. Harry Jowsey would have to hire an assistant to answer his phone.