Child Predator Jessica Yaniv Exposed by Blaire White Again

Not long ago, Blaire White revealed some shocking facts and details about Jessica Yaniv. Yaniv, who is apparently a transgender activist was exposed by White as a predatory pedophile. She even shared some messages sent by Yaniv to minors and told people to watch out. She is back with another video to reiterate the case.

Blaire White exposes Yaniv again

In her new video titled ‘Jessica Yaniv is back. And it’s bad’, White clarified that she would not be doing this video unless it was absolutely necessary.

“If you don’t know who Jessica Yaniv is, honestly good for you. I’m happy for you.”

Blaire White mentioned that in this video she will be talking about something ‘”very twisted” no one knows yet.

Firstly, Jessica Yaniv was in the media again but in a similar story: “Transgender Activist Jessica Yaniv Shocked Gynaecologists Don’t Treat Men.” She had basically switched her target from waxers to gynecologists, according to White.

The Twisted Part

White then shared that a YouTuber Claire recently messaged Blaire privately to tell her something shocking. The girl said that some teenager girls had been reaching out to her to tell something disturbing. They were in a private group chat on Skype with Jessica Yaniv. What comes next is even more shocking.

“According to these teenagers, Jessica Yaniv went on the video chat in front of them, was pleasuring herself, and moaning MY name.”

We’ll get to how sick and disgusting that is on many different levels so I filed that away and I said okay that’s obviously vile but I don’t know what I can do about it.

Furthermore, a few days later, Blaire White received a screen-recorded snap of Jessica Yaniv as she did the same thing (screenshot is shared in the video) again.

“This is another person, a separate individual, from those other teenagers…

Pleasuring herself, graphically on camera, moaning my name.”

Blaire added a message to her fans and said that this is not a safe situation. She said her under-age supporters do not need to interact with a “pedophile” like Yaniv to prove anything or take the law into their own hands.

“I can only hope me saying that is super clear and that is stopped. For those of you who want to see Jessica Yaniv behind bars, uh same. I have good news.”

Jessica Yaniv appears in court

She shared that a few days ago, Yaniv appeared in court under a weapons charge for pulling out a taser gun on White’s live-stream.

Yaniv already has two charges pending against her. And will face 6 months in prison for her taser gun on Livestream.

She then wondered out loud about what we are also wondering. What gendered prison would he/she go to? Then she finally commented:

“It seems like a whole other can of worms if Jessica Yaniv is put in a women’s prison..”

We will find out at the beginning of January if Yaniv will go to jail.

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