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Chelsea Peretti Drops First Coffee-Inspired EP ‘Foam And Flotsam’

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans have surely being missing Chelsea Peretti aka Gina Linetti ever since she left the show in season 6. While the egomaniacal, queen of keeping-it-real, Gina did appear for some guest spots on Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6, she remained largely absent from the abbreviated season 7. Perhaps, it were her music ventures that had her pre-occupied. The comedian has dropped her first musical project – a coffee-inspired 5-song EP ‘Foam and Flotsam’, today. Additionally, Chelsea Peretti has also announced the release of a full-fledged music album in June, which will include songs from her EP.

Chelsea Peretti Launches First EP, To Drop A Coffee-Based Album In June

In her first melodic outing, Chelsea Peretti pledged her love for coffee. With her muse sticking around Java, Peretti collaborated with producer Kool Kojak for a hilarious album. Peretti aims to explore “the complexity of human emotions through the lens of coffee.” And after jamming on her hysterical, yet poignant numbers, it is clear that she has achieved the effect.

Music Videos For First EP ‘Foam And Flotsam’

As she rolled out her first EP ‘Foam and Flotsam’ on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, Deezer, and Google Music, Chelsea Peretti has set some silly-but-deep music videos to go along with her songs.  Watch the music videos for Peretti’s ‘OATMILK’ and ‘LATE’ below.

sddefault Chelsea Peretti, Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8, Chelsea Peretti EP, Foam and Flotsam, Chelsea Peretti Album


Chelsea Peretti, Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8, Chelsea Peretti EP, Foam and Flotsam, Chelsea Peretti Album

Peretti’s OATMILK features Reggie Watts, while John Early and Joel Kim Booster star in the music video. Other guest stars include her Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-star Terry Crews and The Conners’ Juliette Lewis.

Chelsea Peretti has called her music videos a ‘sip for things to come’.  Recently, Chelsea Peretti posted to Instagram about the struggle of switching careers between comedy and music. Peretti stated that she doesn’t take her musical career lightly, and wants her creativity to resonate in whatever work she does. Peretti added that she rejects labels, and this enables her to practice her creative skill-set, and liberate her ideologies.

Is Chelsea Peretti Returning To Brooklyn Nine-Nine For Its Season 8?

While Peretti continues to focus on her music careers, rumors of her returning to Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 are doing rounds. Peretti herself quoted  Dan Goor’s announcement in a tweet, where he talked about resuming writing for Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8. And even her co-star Terry Crews hinted towards a potential comeback on the show.


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