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Chase Hudson Aka Lil Huddy Used Fame Take Advantage of This TikToker Girl

Chase Hudson AKA Lil Huddy used his fame to take advantage of this TikToker girl

Many people know Chase Hudson aka Lil Huddy as one of the most prominent members of The Hype House. He has dated fellow TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio. Now, a shocking revelation has come when a TikToker, Rivkah Zigman, has come out with her story of how Hudson took advantage of her and then blocked her on all social media.

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Rivkah Zigman says that she was taken advantage of during Chase Hudson’s Lights Out Tour

The TikToker explains that she was great friends with Chase Hudson back in 2019. The two would also flirt and had admitted they found each other attractive.

rivkah zegman toiktok friends chade hudson Chase Hudson

During Hudson’s “Lights Out” Tour in June 2019, he was staying at a hotel that was near her apartment. The tour was happening at Portland Oregon at the time. The two had been talking a lot. Hence, Lil Huddy asked her to come out and meet him at the hotel. He was accompanied by other TikTok stars.

They were all hanging out but Chase Hudson went to his room and stayed there for a while. When he didn’t come out for a while, Rivkah went inside to check up on him as she was worried. Then he did some things to Rivkah that she says she was not okay with.

Rivkah says that she did not say no because she did not want him and the other guys to think she “was not cool”.

rivakh zegman wasnt okay with lil huddys advances on him Chase Hudson

Rivkah explains that it was the issue of the power dynamic at play. Later on, she didn’t tell anyone about what had happened because she did not want to “darken the mood”. She went on and tried to pretend nothing had happened and even worked at a merch table.

rivkah tried to ignore the assault Chase Hudson

Then the next day, Lil Huddy blocked her on everything. She couldn’t contact him afterward

Rivkah Zegman says that Lil Huddy blocked her on all social media after this incident occurred. She tried to contact him through his friend Madi Williams too, but no one would respond.

text message rivkah sent to madi williams Chase Hudson

Therefore, she had no choice left but to talk about this on a public platform. She says she did not want this to happen but she was out of options. On the incident, Rikvah Zigman explained how she felt:

I just felt and still feel super betrayed and used. Because were actually pretty good friends before, and we were talking a whole bunch before this happened. And then he did something to me. He got what he wanted. And then he blocked me.

She was especially hurt over the experience because she used to trust him a lot:

He was someone that I went to for advice, and someone that came to me for advice. And I just feel really used. I honestly don’t know why he blocked me afterwards. Maybe he felt guilty, maybe he just wanted to use me. I’m not sure.

Rivkah went on to say that she still has nightmares about the night and still feels a lot of pain over it. At the end of the video, she also asked Chase Hudson to “please talk to her”.

Rikvah talks about the power dynamic that pressured her to say yes when she didn’t want to

In another video, Rikvah also emphasized that just because they were flirting and “talking like that”, it doesn’t justify Chase Hudson taking that as consent to do anything he wants with her. Moreover, she talked about the power dynamic between the two because at that time Chase Hudson had a massive following on TikTok.

The power dynamic between him and I makes things a lot worse. And it felt like I wasn’t able to speak up on it because it would ruin his career or whatever. And made me feel like I couldn’t say no. Cuz I didn’t wanna embarrass him in front of all his friends or whatever cuz they were right in the next room.

She also talked about how it mentally affected her, explaining that she now has difficulty in making proper friendships or being able to trust her friends because of what happened with Lil Huddy.

In more TikTok videos, Rikvah Zigman also adds that they were both 17 at the time so there wasn’t an age difference between the two. And she also responded to a comment that accused her of only doing this to end Chase’s career. To that, she responded saying that she did want to handle things privately but couldn’t get his attention so thus she made videos about it publicly. Moreover, she explained that she needed to get closure even though she talked about her experience with Chase Hudson to her friends, family and even therapists.

Chase Hudson’s team did reach out to her and Rikvah ended up deleting the videos

A few hours after posting her videos explaining her sexual assault incident with Chase Hudson, she deleted the videos. She posted two screenshots in two separate TikTok videos explaining that Hudson’s team had reached out to her to handle things privately. Rikvah thanked all the people who supported her through this incident and her coming out with the story.

rikvah update on lil huddy incident Chase Hudson

It appears that Chase Hudson is taking this seriously and wants to resolve the matter privately. He has not publicly addressed the issue as of yet.

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