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Chad Michael Murray Just Got Baptized As An Adult!?

Chad Michael Murray is one of the Hollywood heart-throbs we can never truly get over. The actor has been on the screen on many series and movies we’ve loved like One Tree Hill, Riverdale, A Cinderella Story, Freaky Friday and more. He is an incredibly gifted person too as he has written two published novels as well. Currently, he is married and is an amazing father to two adorable children. And we found out that Chad Michael Murray just got baptized as an adult! Keep reading for more information.

What is Baptism?

To understand what this news regarding Chad Michael Murray is about, you should know the concept.  Baptism is an important concept in embracing Christianity. Technically its’ meaning is to ‘dip, plunge, immerse’. In essence, it means identification with Jesus Christ on a personal and public level. There are some basic beliefs that this act expresses.

One is that you have turned from an old life of sin into a new, pure one with Jesus Christ. Secondly, it means you are publicly identifying with birth, death, and resurrection of  Christ. And lastly, you are openly joining the ranks of those who believe and follow the teachings of Christ.

How is it done? The process is simple but it has deep spiritual importance. When you are baptized, water has an important role to express your identity. You stand in the waiting to be baptized to symbolize Jesus dying on the cross. Then you are lowered into the water to symbolize how Jesus was buried in the tomb. Last, you rise from the water to accept and symbolize that Jesus will be resurrected.

One Tree Hill actor Chad Michael Murray Baptized

Chad Michael Murray just shared a picture of himself on his Instagram announcing that he got baptized along with his family. He thanked his friend and pastor Miles Mcpherson for his help, prayers and time to complete the ritual.

He added that he was in fact, baptized as a child as well. But this time he wanted it to be his own choice and he wished to get the experience again as a conforming adult. Chad also wanted to take this step with his wife Sarah Roemer this time.

They were also accompanied by more family members, their young son, sister Shannon Murray, and brother-in-law Steve Kim. Chads’youngest baby girl was cold so she opted out.

In a heartfelt message, the One Tree Hill star, Chad, shared he was thankful to God for every day.

This is as wholesome, pure and beautiful as it could get! We congratulate Chad Michael Murray and his family on this new step.