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Celina Powell found lying about getting pregnant by Offset and Cardi B paying for the abortion

Celina Powell found lying about getting pregnant by Offset and Cardi B paying for the abortion

Celina Powell is popular for being a major troll online, spinning rumors about known celebrities in order to get more fame. This time though, Cardi B is not having it. Celina Powell claimed that Offset got her pregnant and Cardi B paid for Powell’s abortion. Cardi B debunked these rumors and called Powell out directly.

Here’s what Celina Powell was claiming

In a TikTok, Celina Powell was claiming that multiple celebrities paid for her abortion. Among those named were rapper couple Offset and Cardi B, singer Jason DeRulo, TikTok sensation Bryce Hall and also Gucci Mane. She claimed that all these celebrities paid $50,000 for her abortion.

Though, Powell is not telling the truth. And the evidence is provided by Powell herself. In one of her earlier interviews, Celina Powell states that she lied about being pregnant about Offset’s child. In the video, she’s also talking about a cease and desist letter by Offset.

Here we see Powell admitting to faking a ‘pregnancy test’, ‘an ultrasound picture’, and even a picture of her with a baby.

She also claimed that Cardi B and Offset did not take her seriously and gave her no attention so in her eyes, she didn’t cause any particular harm.

Cardi B’s apt response on the matter

Now, Cardi B responded when Celina Powell was spreading the lies again. When a fan was believing what Powell was claiming, Cardi writes:

“You must be new on social media ….here let me take you way back .”

Cardi B Reacts Celina Powell claims

It seems that Cardi B felt that was enough of response on that matter. She and Offset have had a tumultuous relationship. They got married privately in 2017. And then in October of 2020, Cardi B filed for divorce and stated their relationship was “irretrievably broken” amid reports that Offset was cheating on her. A few days later, Cardi B called the divorce off. The couple rekindled their relationship with Cardi saying:

“I just be starting to miss [him]. It’s hard not to talk to your best friend. It’s really hard not to talk to your best friend.”

And the couple still appears to be intact as the ‘I like it’ singer misses no opportunity to defend their relationship and debunk cheating rumors.

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