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Celina Powell claims Andre Marhold planned to blackmail Jeffree Star

So I was just scrolling through my Twitter account and came across this post from Def Noodles in which Celine Powell just exposed Jeffree Star’s ex-boyfriend. And no, this ex-boyfriend is definitely not Nathan Schwandt or Jozea Rose but instead it’s the ex-basketball player ‘Andre Marhold’. I want to scream at the top of my lungs because I really cannot believe my eyes at the moment. I mean we all know a lot of things were off in Jeffree and Andre’s relationship. And no, we are raising hands or pointing fingers at Andre’s sudden change of se*ual preferences. But leaving your child back home and lying to your baby-mama about your whereabouts and then ghosting her just to spend some days with the beauty guru is simply fishy.

And now Def Noodles just posted a video clip of a famous Instagram celebrity and OnlyFans content creator Celina Powell. Who exposed Jeffree Star’s latest ex-boyfriend in her latest Instagram Live.

What went down between Jeffree Star and his latest ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold?

Anyways, by now we all are familiar with whatever happened between Jeffree Star and Andre Marhold. These two made things official in Instagram stories. Everything was going fine between the beauty mogul and the ex-football player. But then after a few days of coming back from a short trip from Wyoming, Jeffree called out Andre on his social media stories for stealing some expensive things from his house and lying to him.

Andre in return threatened to expose the true colors of the beauty mogul. Then all of a sudden there were a lot of fake profiles of Andre who were making fake stories about the beauty mogul. Jeffree later posted a video on his Youtube and revealed that he is not dating Andre anymore. Plus, he also talked about his lawyers dealing with the fake profile holders. But he never once mentioned the things which were stolen from his house.

Andre on the other hand kept on sharing screenshots of all the fake profiles who were spreading false rumors about Jeffree. But then he also lost all the credibility when he shared a link to his latest YouTube channel. He even told people that he will spill the coffee beans on Jeffree’s situation after hitting 100k subscribers on YouTube.

But Celina Powell stole the thunder from Andre Marhold and actually spilled some extra roasted beans on his.

Celina Powell revealed Andre Marhold’s true intentions to Jeffree Star fans

So there are a lot of people out there who are not aware of Celina Powell. She got famous after making up a bunch of controversial stories about Snoop Dogg and a few other hip hop sensations. Apart from that, Celina also created a huge mess by claiming to be pregnant with Offset’s baby when he was in a relationship with Cardi B.

Anyways, Celina went on her Instagram Live to expose Andre Marhold’s true intentions. She even claimed that Andre was trying to blackmail the beauty mogul just for the sake of money.

Def noodles just posted a clip from Celina’s Instagram Live on his Twitter account. In which she is explaining how Jeffee’s ex-boyfriend Andre blackmailed him.

So as per Celina, Andre told her that he is not gay and he was only with Jeffree for the sake of fun. And all the intimate pictures with him were just a lie.

A friend of Celina also joined Instagram Live with her. And when Celina asked her to tell what other things Andre has told her (Celina), I really got confused for a second. Celina’s friend said Andre shared that he was offered some money to date Jeffree Star. And he was even going to try to blackmail him. But what she didn’t share is the person who offered the money.

“He (Andre) said Celina, do you know about NDAs? My stupid a*s. I signed the NDA.”

Then Celina asked him to share the tea rather than enlightening her about the NDAs. Andre said that he has found a couple of things from Jeffree’s team members, and his hairstylist to be precise.

And then Celina’s friend says a few other things which we have heard from a couple of other people as well.

“He was saying that Jeffree Star is a hater. That he would talk sh*t about everybody. He (Andre) knew all the things about his business. He (Jeffree) was racist.”

Umm, is it just me or do you guys think that this story is really twisted and confusing?

Celina Powell is not done yet!

I am sorry guys but we are not done yet. There is clearly more to the story. This whole ‘expose Andre Marhold’ thing is getting even more confusing. So Celina further pulled out a text message receipt from Andre to Jeffree in which he is expressing his feeling in a very cheesy way.

Andre Marhold's messages

Uhh-Ohh, I really want to say that Andre is definitely lying about his feelings for the beauty mogul. But it’s not confirmed whether these text messages were fabricated or not.

Is Celina just lying about the whole situation?

We don’t have any proof that the text message shown by Celina was sent by Andre to Jeffree. I mean we can’t see his name at the top and his writing style is really different.

And as per Celina, she asked Andre to come to Miami so that she can help him expose Jeffree. She further asked him not to expose Jeffree on his social media. And when he landed in Miami, she told him that she is a stan fan of Jeffree and said that he has been played.

Now I just fail to understand a few things here. Firstly, where is the evidence? We don’t know if Celina is making up stories by picking out some basic facts about the whole Jeffree x Andre situation. And if she was really in contact with Andre, then where are the receipts of her DMs or text messages. She called Andre a clout chaser but don’t you all think she is doing the same thing?

Moreover, she is calling out people for the same actions she has been doing for almost a decade. She lied about carrying Offset’s baby in her stomach and a bunch of other stories. So sadly, this video proves nothing. Celina is allegedly accusing Andre of blackmailing Jeffree.

Let’s wait and see if she is going to come up with some actual proofs about Jeffree’s ex-boyfriend.

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