Catherine McBroom removed her IUD herself and showed it to the world on Snapchat

In her latest Snapchat story, Catherine McBroom revealed that she removed her IUD herself at home and people are pissed at her.

Another day another controversy surrounding ACE Family members. Recently, Catherine McBroom posted a shocking personal update on Snapchat. According to her, she removed her IUD at home all by herself. After having her son, she decided to use an IUD as a contraceptive. However, she had some hormonal issues because of it. Therefore, she decided to remove it. After this story came out, people criticized her for performing such an act at home. According to them, she should have gone to the doctor for such a procedure.

Few days back, Catherine McBroom and Austin McBroom revealed their new house in a video

After the drama with their previous house, the couple took their sweet time in showing us their new house. According to them, they wanted to keep as much of the house private as possible. At one point, Catherine McBroom revealed that she always knew that they would not live in the previous house for long. Similarly, the ACE Family couple claimed that they have found peace and happiness in their new house. Due to construction issues, ownership conflicts, and other various reasons, they were never able to properly settle in the old house.

In her recent Snapchat story, ACE Family co-founder did an unthinkable thing

Since the beginning, Catherine McBroom has been active on Snapchat. Therefore, she has gathered a number of personal fans who like watching her stories and listening to her. However, her latest Snapchat stories have shocked her fans. According to Catherine McBroom, she removed her IUD at home herself. She wrote:

“For years I haven’t really had a periods due to pregnancies and breastfeeding. And when my period would come back they would be long lasting and painful… so I decided to get an IUD about 1 ½ years ago when my son was born and it was the biggest mistake. I also haven’t had my period for the past 8 months. Got a download the other day that I needed to immediately remove it to get myself healthy again.”

Furthermore, she said:

“I read it was difficult to take it out yourself but that didn’t stop me.. When I got it out was like my body gave it right up, I cried of happiness knowing my body was finally going to be happy and thanks me. Anything but this.”

After this story, Catherine McBroom received backlash online

Shortly after her story went viral, people came at Catherine McBroom. According to them, the procedure of removing an IUD should only be done by a doctor. At the same time, they criticized her for wrongly influencing girls. One person wrote:

Talks about how the IUD wreaked havoc on her body then rips it out in a bathtub with her bare hands. That makes sense.

Another person said:

Yes it’s great that we’re opening up the conversation about birth control, but if you went to the doctor to have it done, you should also have the doctor take it out too, just to be safe.

Meanwhile, another person said:

Wait, she ripped it out HERSELF?

One person joked that maybe she cannot afford healthcare.

On the other hand, people on Twitter were also not happy with Catherine McBroom.

After the backlash, Catherine McBroom deleted the Snapchat story. However, the damage is already done. Hopefully, people will know better than her and will not attempt it at home.

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