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Catherine McBroom denies that $9 million ACE Family home is up for auction because of non-payment

Catherine McBroom denies that $9 million ACE Family home is up for auction because of non-payment

According to reports, ACE Family house is up for auction. However, Catherine McBroom has denied the rumors in an Instagram Q&A.

With every passing day, the ACE Family’s troubles are getting worse. However, Catherine McBroom seems to be unfazed. The YouTuber family is riddled with controversies, from cheating rumors to bankruptcy reports. Recently, it was reported that their $9 million family home might be up for auction. After several companies hit them with legal notices, the news was that they were behind in payments. Therefore, their house will be auctioned. However, Mrs. McBroom denies the news and slams the haters.

Since past few years, ACE Family has become the face of controversy.

Despite being one of the biggest YouTube families, they have faced a lot of backlashes. However, not all of it is for nothing. In 2018, Austin and Catherine McBroom held a charity basketball match. Prior to the event, they announced that the donation will be $100k. However, they only donated $75k and no one knows what happened to the rest of $25k. Similarly, they held another basketball event and announced another $100k giveaway. Once again, it ended up being rigged and received backlash.

After that, Austin and Catherine McBroom organized the Battle of the Platforms.

Austin and Catherine McBroom organized the Battle of the Platforms earlier this year. This boxing match event saw TikTokers and YouTubers fight for $1 million. However, many claimed later that they were never paid. The company Social Gloves, which organized the event, filed for bankruptcy. Later, it was revealed that Austin himself is the CEO of the company. In recent news, they’re $9 million ACE Family house is auctioned to pay back the debts. However, Catherine McBroom says otherwise.

Recently, Catherine McBroom addressed the rumors of their house being auctioned.

In July, a few documents were leaked that claimed that Austin and Catherine McBroom were being evicted from their house. The news came after many companies had filed lawsuits against the couple. However, they both denied the rumors and claimed that there was no eviction. At the same time, Catherine McBroom has denied the rumors of the ACE Family home being auctioned. In a recent Q&A on Instagram, a follower asked her:

Your house is being put on auction, why are you guys acting like nothing?

To which she replied:

No, my love. I have not spoken about any of this publicity but if I did I think most of the hateful people that wish us pain and failure will feel very stupid for ever assuming the worst. Its just not fair how people assume that I don’t pay my bills or something. That’s so far from my character and much more. I think people forget that we build our house and that we are in a pandemic. Most cities are closed and unable to get permits etc., not everything in this world is about the money.

hqdefault Catherine McBroom, ACE Family

Furthermore, Catherine McBroom said:

Many people work from home now. Its like we live in a different world due to this pandemic. Things happen but not for a reason people wish. The saddest part of this is that there are actual people losing their homes with nowhere to go. And to see people make fun of the idea of losing home is sick. Wish people well.

sddefault Catherine McBroom, ACE Family

If you ask me, that reply makes no sense. Either the house will be auctioned, or it won’t. However, we do not know the truth, despite Catherine McBroom writing an entire newsletter on the subject. Guess, we will find out at the right time.

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