Catherine McBroom’s dad compares ACE Family’s foreclosure to s*xual assault

According to Catherine McBroom's dad, the ACE Family foreclosure issue is the same as blaming a r**e victim. People are upset about it.

Recently, Catherine McBroom’s father talked about the ACE Family foreclosure. On her Instagram stories, McBroom shared the texts of her dad. In the conversation, he defended his daughter and son-in-law. At the same time, he compared the foreclosure situation to SA and getting r**ed. Since then, people have been accusing them of using the victim card. At the same time, they’re calling them out for being insensitive.

After months of speculation and rumors, the McBrooms talked about the ACE Family foreclosure issue.

In an hour-long video, Austin and Catherine McBroom shared the details of the ACE Family foreclosure situation. According to reports, the family was homeless, and their house was auctioned. However, no one bought the house, and it returned to the beneficiary. While they admitted that they had sold the house, the couple insisted it was the contractor and builder’s fault. The builders did not give them the certificate of occupancy. Therefore, the ACE Family foreclosure happened, and they could not take loans. At the same time, they claimed that the builders had done a horrible job, and the house started falling apart within three weeks.

Recently, Catherine McBroom’s father defended his daughter and son-in-law in the ACE Family foreclosure issue

On her Instagram, she shared texts from her father, who had answered a troll. In the texts, Catherine McBroom’s father had talked about the ACE Family foreclosure and defended them. According to him, a civil lawsuit does not define a person’s character and does not mean the person is a criminal. At the same time, he had written:

Blaming my daughter for what happened with her house is like blaming a r*pe victim of seducing her attacker because she is wearing a mini-skirt. People like you are disgusting. For the sake of argument, let’s pretend for a second that mu daughter is the person you wish she were. Hell, let’s pretend they killed someone: who in their right mind takes on the father’s Instagram to confront him with what supposedly his kids did. I mean obviously you seek only one thing and that is to cause harm, pain and shame.

After she shared these texts, people expressed their anger with Catherine and her father

According to people, comparing r*pe victims with the ACE Family foreclosure situation is highly insensitive. One person wrote:

I’m not the only who actually seen this and got seriously disgusted.. the fact she would even post this knowing Austin and his dad both have rape allegations with proof!

Meanwhile, another wrote:

Thank GOD I was not the only one thinking this!!! I was honestly very upset and disgusted by that comment because I’ve been S.A and comparing that to a fcking house is ridiculous and something that shouldn’t even be compared to. Like those are two TOTALLY DIFFERENT things I was just ugh I’m upset by that comment like wtf

On the other hand, one person wrote:

Also, anyone else think its funny this fam is blaming/accusing all these “nobody/keyboard warriors” yet like theyve paid at least 1 company to create bots to spam their Ace fam acct. #acefamily #clowns

One person highlighted that her dad has no clue about SA and yet is choosing to comment:

Yet another man who had no understanding about SA trying to compare it like it’s not comparable to anything. It’s not. They did to themselves by being scammers and not paying their bills.

Another person urged people to cancel and unfollow ACE Family:


Needless to say, people were not happy:

Will never feel bad for her or Austin. They were never honest hardworking people. Bunch of scammers who tried to live above their means. They knew damn well this is the universe giving them the middle finger.

Although the ACE Family foreclosure is sad for the family, Catherine’s father comparing it to SA victims is uncalled for.

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